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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 684

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As Gu Yiyi was an obese lady, naturally, the lady who had befriended her must have known that Gu Yiyi was actually Gu Shis daughter or Nan Xians betrothed.

Even a fool would know why the lady had approached Gu Yiyishe wanted to get close to Nan Xian through Gu Yiyi. Gu Yiyi was such a fool that she had actually let a beauty get close to her.

"Why are you still here? Father, I dont want her to know our secret." Gu Yiyis face darkened a few shades.

Gu Shi was overjoyed, hearing the word secret. His cold gaze swept past Zheng Fenghua, his voice was cold and tranquil like water.

"Get out of here now. Otherwise, I will throw you out of here. That would be much more embarrassing."

"You will regret the things that you have done." Zheng Fenghua clenched her fists tightly, she glared Gu Shis face, viciously.

Zheng Fenghua had fallen for Gu Shi when she was younger. Gu Shi was enchantingly handsome with heroic bearing back then. Furthermore, he was powerful. There were, no doubt, many ladies would have fallen in love with him.

It was a twist of fate that Gu Shi had fallen for her sister instead whereas Zheng Fenghua got married to a man who lived far away. Now, Zheng Fenghua was no longer young and she had lost all her feelings toward Gu Shi.

Hence, the only thing that she wanted now was to live a comfortable life relying on the strong foothold of Gu Manor.

What was so wrong with that? Someday, both Gu Shi and Gu Yiyi would have to pay for the things that they had done.

As soon as Zheng Fenghua finished her words, she stuck her nose up in the air and walked out. She did not look like she was just banished from the manor.

"Father, I need two secret guards from you." Thinking of the people who wanted to kill Feng Ruqing, Gu Yiyi had a dull feeling tugging at her heart.


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