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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 686

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The lady, Tang Yin, is right! All the men in this world are nothing but pigs! A bunch of liars! I will never believe in men anymore!

Gu Yiyi took out a big trotter, took a big bite of it like she was biting into the flesh of the despicable men. Then, she turned to leave without sparing a glance at Qing Feier and Liu Xia.

Only when Gu Yiyi disappeared into the distance, Liu Xias body slumped to the ground. Tears broke free from her eyes.

"Young Ladywhat should we do now?"

Qin Feier quickly looked around, her eyes were full of panic. Only when she realized that no one was around that she sighed in relief.

"Dont tell anyone about this when you get back!" It was Liu Xias fault. Qin Feier must not let anyone know that the Mu family wanted to call off the marriage. Otherwise, the Qin family would get into trouble.


In Deities Gate.

Deities Gate was on par with the Divine Herbs Sect and Tian Shen Manor.

The atmosphere in Deities Gate was particularly tense. Everyone was sitting stiffly in the main hall. They looked cold and imposing.

Right before everyone in the hall lay a middle-aged man, groaning. He was brutally beaten, his face was swollen with bruises all over it. Blood could be seen oozing from his nose.

"Father, please avenge me. This rascal has laid his hand on me. Also, Brother, please control your son! He has actually done this to me!"Jiu Yues face was contorted in pain as he glared at the man in a violet robe, resentfully.

With a wicked smile on his face, the eyes of the man in the violet robe were full of viciousness. He raised his eyes gently, a lightning-shaped mark shining with evilness could be seen at the corner of his brow.

"Minger, what have you done? He is your uncle. How could you do this?" Jiu Yuans frowned as he said discontentedly.


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