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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 685

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On the heavenly street.

With a bright smile on her face, Qin Feier was walking extremely slow and careful with the help of a servant, Liu Xia.

However, she looked better than she was before. Simply no one knew that it was because she was constantly basking in the sun for the past few days, or she was happy with the arranged marriage with the Mu family.

"Young lady, it seems that the Mu family still cares for you. Otherwise, they would not have tasked someone to send the bride-price over. I think Young Master Nan Xian would be back soon." Seeing Qin Feier was in high spirits, Liu Xia could not help but feel happy for her.

Since the Mu family had sent the bride-price over, Young Master Nan Xian would return to the Mu family soon.

"Uhm" Qin Feier said, bashfully. At this moment, a delicate face flashed through her mind. She could not help but sigh softly.

"How about Chener?"

"Master has been feeding him with herbs every day. I think he can provide you with fresh blood soon."

"Thats not what I mean. Well, forget it. After all, the Qin family owes him too much." Her beautiful face turned bitter.

Chener was the only person Qin Feier felt sorry for.

"Young lady, I heard that the Mu family is taking the fat lady of Gu Manor as Nan Xians first wife. Thats total nonsense! I believe Young Master Nan Xian is not a tasteless person. He will definitely pick you." Liu Xia could not bear seeing Qin Feier sad face. Her eyes widened before she spoke.

"Liu Xia!" Qin Feier furrowed her brows together. She did not want Liu Xia to say this in public.


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