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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 688

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He did not have much affection for this family.

Therefore, the man in the violet robe had turned around and gradually disappeared under the hot sun after saying those things.


Jiu Yuan turned around and saw that the old master was sitting, seemingly paralyzed, in the chair. He hurried forward and held onto his body. He looked at him anxiously. "Father, how are you feeling? Minger has really gone too far this time. Anyhow, the second brother is also his uncle."

He always knew that Jiu Ming never listened to him, but he did not expect that he would hurt his loved ones!

The old master knew about Jiu Ming being hunted down by Jiu Yue years ago. However, Jiu Yuan did not know that

He kept it hidden from Jiu Yuan and had warned Jiu Yue behind his back.

There were many stories of brothers and relatives killing each other over the years. Only Deities Gate had never had any internal conflicts.

The old master was so proud that he often bragged to other people about it.

But little did he know

Jiu Mingthe vile spawn had really broken Jiu Yues leg!

He was so furious that his chest hurt.

"Master, bad news. Master"

A figure hurried in.

The old master asked, weakly, "Whats the matter?"

"The manor master of Tian Shen Manor has arrived. He said that the second elders men have insulted his precious daughter. He has come to settle accounts with him."


Everyone knew that Gu Shis daughter, Gu Yiyi, was as fat as a pig. Nonetheless, he still treated her like a baby. He was so afraid that she would get hurt or fall down. Who would dare to offend Gu Yiyi in the reclusive world?


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