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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 689

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This punishment was prescribed according to the degree of casualties.

If there were no casualties in the secular world, it would be enough to impose a light punishment.

However, one must be sentenced to death if someone in the secular world had died!

This was the rule set by Tian Ya!

Of course, if the people in the secular world had provoked the others first, then the people from the reclusive world had the right to retaliate.

However, the little girl did not do anything, and yet, Jiu Yue had sent someone to kill her. Where did he gain the courage? Luckily, that girl did not die. Otherwise Jiu Yue could not have escaped!

Everyone had vowed at that time that if they broke the rules of the reclusive world, they would have to die!

The old master closed his eyes and then opened them after a while.

"Come and put Jiu Yue in prison!"

"Father?" Jiu Yue opened his eyes, shocked. "Father, I have broken a leg and you still want to hit me?"

There was a deep pain in the old masters eyes. "Its fine even if the girl was from the reclusive world, but you have violated the rules. Back then, Tian Ya forced us to make the vow. If we do not punish the person who has violated the rules of the reclusive world, we might well be as good as dead!"

On Cang Yue Mainland, everyone believed in heaven and they dared not break their vows.

Besides, it was a blood oath

"I will send someone to supervise his sentence." Gu Shi smiled with satisfaction.

He could finally give an explanation to his daughter.


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