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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 691

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Set a fire?

Feng Ruqings fingers that were initially stroking Qing Hans head stiffened. She lowered her eyes and stared at the little girl in front of her. "Where did you set the fire?"

"At the Liu family."


Feng Ruqing suddenly felt sorry for the Liu family. This was already the nth time The Liu family might not be able to rebuild the manor again in this life.

"Qing Han, your Grandma Suyi was not that kind of person before. You better not mislead her."

Suyi was a fairy-like person. Setting a fire was only a behavior suited to Xiao Yin. She should never do this kind of thing.

"Come on, lets go to Paramount and get my spirit herbs back."

In this half a year, Paramount should have earned a lot of spirit herbs from Gu Yiyis hands. Now that she had achieved Dark Warrior tier, it would take some time for the spirit herbs to grow.

It just happened that Fu Chen and Qing Han needed some higher graded spirit herbs.

Hence, she had only used the spirit herbal dish at that time to earn a Grade-5 spirit herb from Gu Yiyi.

Just as Feng Ruqing walked into Paramount, she was stunned by the house that was filled to the brim with many things even though she was psychologically prepared.

Jiu Ming stared at the girls gawking. He then grinned.

"I have kept those things that the girl has used to exchange with the herbal dish here. Xiao Qinger, you may bring them back now, or"

Feng Ruqings face darkened. She then stepped into the storeroom.

In this room, there were dozens of boxes neatly arranged. There were six types of Grade-6 spirit herbs in these boxes other than the Grade-5 spirit herbs.

But these were no longer able to stir up Feng Ruqings heart.

Just because

There was a bed in front of these spirit herbs.

Next to the bed was a tree surrounded by many flowers.

Furthermore, there were antique tea sets too. This room had everything.

Did Gu Yiyi move her whole house here?


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