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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 690

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After all, Minger was a little stingy. He had always been like that since he was a kid.

"Yuaner, you have to remember that Paramount has the spirit herbs that many covet. Therefore, Paramount should not be in an outsiders hands!"

The old master, as the master of Deities Gate, was naturally not interested in Paramount, but the herbal dishes were too attractive. He should never let the outsiders know the prescriptions other than his family.

"Why do you think that Minger who now has those herbal dishes was not targeted by other people? Isnt it all our efforts?" The old master rubbed his temples. "There is nothing I can do now. Wait until your second brother has completely recovered. If he wants to he may go get it with his own abilities. I wont care anymore."

He had suppressed Jiu Yue for Minger for many years, but now he wanted to give away things that belonged to Deities Gate!

This had violated his bottom line.

It was a pity.

He loved Jiu Ming the most. But, it was also Jiu Ming who had bitterly disappointed him the most.

"This" Jiu Yuan sighed softly. "Father, give me some time. Ill go and persuade Minger If it really doesnt work, only then, we will take action."

Minger was still his son although he was not filial.

So, he wanted to give him another chance


Since the day Hong Yu had heard that the people who came to assassinate Feng Ruqing were from Deities Gate, her heart suddenly turned cold as if there was a crack in heart allowing cold air to seep in.

Since then, she had plunged herself into cultivation and ignored everyone. She would just dazedly look at Feng Ruqing every day when she was not cultivating.

Feng Ruqing, too, did not for a moment, let her guard down because she understood that she would face stronger enemies in the future.

After all, the three major forcesthe Divine Herbs Sect, Tian Shen Manor, and Deities Gate had all avenged her.

If she did not work hard, she did not know when she would be assaulted by that group of people!


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