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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 696

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We have agreed upon that. Why did she change her mind all of a sudden?

He had even made up a lie where Nan Xian admired Gu Yiyi so that Gu Yiyi would agree to marry him. He did not even have time to persuade Nan Xian to return to the Mu family and marry Gu Yiyi. Yet, Gu Yiyi had rejected that marriage herself.

"Go and look into it! Why did Gu Yiyi break off the engagement?"

Its impossible that Gu Yiyi would break off the engagement without any apparent reason. There must be something that Im unaware of.

The manor master did not even mention it to me. Ive got nowhere to look into!

Chen Qingyan took out a handkerchief gently and helped wipe away the sweat on Mu Lings forehead. Her voice was gentle and soft. "Brother Ling, what do you think? Do you think that Nan Xian has done something? She has left the Tian Shen Manor not long ago and she said that she wanted to go and look for Nan Xian. Now, she wants to break off the engagement"

Mu Ling narrowed his eyes. He seemed cold and distant.

"It seems that I really need to meet with Nan Xian. Ill ask him to go and meet with Gu Yiyi. Gu Yiyi is ugly and she will definitely fall for Nan Xian if he approaches her on his own initiative."

Ill definitely make it happen! The arranged marriage between the manor masters family and my family! Ill never give up!

Chen Qingyan lowered her eyes and hid her soft smile.

Gu Yiyi went and looked for Nan Xian. Its impossible that she did not notice it. She mustve found out about the truth that Nan Xian has some other girl with him. She would feel humiliated and that was probably the reason why she had broken off the engagement in the first place.

In fact, how could Gu Yiyi allow such thing to happen to her given that shes quite arrogant?

In case Gu Yiyi becomes infuriated and kills that girl. Thatll be much better.

If thats the case, Nan Xian would totally reach an impasse with her. Hell hate her for the rest of his life. Then, theres no more possibility of them having an arranged marriage.


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