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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 697

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Its a pity

Tang Yins rebellion has ruined my whole plan. We had no choice but to let Nan Xian take Gu Yiyi as his wife.

"As for Tang Yin" Mu Ling stared coldly into space. "Ive got a way to let her progress in the shortest time. Its a pity that she has made the wrong choice and she even lost the Mu familys protection. That girl wont live for long."

Thats her own decision and she needs to pay for that!


Feng Ruqing was on her way back to the princesss manor after she left Paramount.

She saw a person who could not possibly be in the princesss manor when she was home. She had never even thought of it.

Feng Ruqings eyes were filled with shock. After a short while, she calmed herself down. She asked, "Tang Yi, did you lose your way? Tang Zi is currently in the palace. Xiao Yin lives in General Manor now."

Why did Tang Yi come to the princesss manor?

Tang Yi had a bitter smile when he faced Feng Ruqing.

In the end, this girl still showed mercy to the Tang family.

Both Tang Yu and Tang Luo deserved to die. But, Feng Ruqing gave him the chance to rebuild the Tang family.

She did not even kill Tang Si and Tang Wu. Their lives were spared and they were simply banished to the savage world.

"Princess, I came here because I wanted to meet with you."

Tang Yi seemed helpless. "Moreover, dont mention to Xiao Yin that Ive been here."

You came for me?


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