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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 701

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"Fu Chen," Feng Ruqing lowered her eyes. "I took some spirit herbs from Paramount just now. Can the two of you still make a breakthrough after you have eaten them?"

Fu Chen was excited. "Mother, are those spirit herbs for us?"


Feng Ruqing smiled softly.

She had decided since she knew that Nan Xians father came from the Mu family from Tian Shen Manor.

But, she had yet to make a breakthrough to Dark Warrior tier. She was still unable to grow Grade-5 spirit herbs. Moreover, Gu Yiyi had appeared in front of her.

Gu Yiyis strength was not powerful. She was similar to the Feng Ruqing before. She was quite obese and it was difficult for her to cultivate with ease.

But, the girl who hung around Gu Yiyi was a Spirit Warrior.

That girl did not dare to disobey Gu Yiyi although she was dissatisfied with her. The girl was only brave enough to secretly harm her. Thus, Feng Ruqing could guess that Gu Yiyi came from the reclusive world.

She might possess some Grade-5 spirit herbs given that she came from the reclusive world.

Hence, she did not lose the opportunity to exchange some high-grade spirit herbs with her using spirit herbs dishes.

She just never thought that Gu Yiyi came from a more powerful family. Gu Yiyi was even able to obtain some Grade-6 spirit herbs. Then, Feng Ruqing was able to feed Fu Chen and Qing Han.

"Mother, its enough. But" Fu Chens eyes darkened. "Well be sleeping soundly after were full. Mother, are you fine with being alone?"

Feng Ruqing pinched Fu Chens small face. "Its fine as long as your strength is improved. Ill wait until you wake up. After that, we might be going to Tian Shen Manor."

Fu Chen gazed at the beautiful face in front of him. "Mother, have you decided to go to Tian Shen Manor?"


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