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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 700

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Feng Ruqing turned to Tang Yi. "Would you like to go and visit Xiao Yin later?"

Tang Yi laughed bitterly. "Theres no need for that. Shes living happily now. I dont have to go and disrupt her life."

Feng Ruqing was quiet for a while. "What about Tang Zi?"

Tang Yi was saddened when he heard that name.

He lowered his eyes and guilt was written all over his face.

He did not manage to protect Tang Zi that fateful year. She had suffered a lot because of that.

"Theres no need for that too." Tang Yi sighed softly. "Tang Zi will be quite happy with you. Why should I go and remind her of her pathetic past by appearing in front of her?"

Feng Ruqing intended to persuade him at first. But, she decided against it after looking at Tang Yis grieving face.

In the end, she simply said,"Tang Zi has never blamed you."

Tang Yi was the only one who had protected Tang Zi in that cruel Tang family.

But, Tang Yi did not notice Tang Luos wickedness and he had never thought that Tang Luo would carry out his evil plans secretly.

So, Tang Zi had never blamed Tang Yi because of that.

Tang Yi put his hands behind his back. He turned and faced the soft breeze. His hair was white but there was a soft smile on his aging face.

"Princess, the time is late now. I should be leaving. Dont mention to Yiner that Ive been here."

Yiner will surely leave and hide in a secluded place if ever she knows of the truth. That is her true nature.

Then, therell be no one to help her if she attracts an endless stream of strong enemies.

Tang Yi waved his sleeves and walked out of the manor when he finished talking.

Soon, he was out of Feng Ruqings sight.

"Fu Chen."


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