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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 703

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Qin Feiyangs facial expression changed then. He grabbed the servants clothes and scolded angrily, "Whats wrong with Pinyao?"

"Young Lady fainted. The young manor master is going to kill somebody. Master, hurry up and return to the manor."

The servant was almost crying from anxiety.

Qin Feiyang was no better than that.

Qin Feitang had always treated Wei Pinyao like his daughter since the day she was married to his son. So, his aging face paled the minute he received that news. He did not bother about Nalan Hu and quickly rushed out of General Manor.

"Qinger, go and take a look at that girl from the Wei family for me." Nalan Hu was rather worried.


Feng Ruqing turned calmly and rushed in the direction where Qin Feiyang was headed just now.


At Qin Manor.

Some crying voices were heard.

Feng Ruqing saw a woman kneeling in front of Qin Xun when she reached there. Her eyes were filled with deep anger and hatred. She seemed wicked and was staring at the backyard.

Qin Xun was holding a sword in his hand. His handsome face was filled with deep anger and frustration.

If Qin Yi had not stopped him, the sword in Qin Xuns hand would have long been stabbed into the person in front of him.

"Sister, dont stop me. Ill kill this woman today to avenge Pinyao!"

"Xuner!" Qin Yi frowned slightly. She looked down, coldly, at the woman who kneeled before them. Her stare was cold and distant. "Wei Mengjie, how dare you come back here! Quickly tell me now! Who has given you the poison in your hand?"

Wei Mengjie had a sardonic smile on her face. She got up from the ground and seemed arrogant.


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