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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 704

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"Fine." Feng Ruqing smiled slightly and nodded. She scanned Wei Mengjie coldly. "This kind of person should never be allowed to live."

That was the end of Wei Mengjie.

Qin Yi was delighted when she saw Feng Ruqing.

She always felt that there was nothing that Feng Ruqing could not do. If she was here, it meant that Pinayo would be fine.


"Aunt, you dont have to worry. Aunt Yao is going to be okay."

Feng Ruqing smiled and she did not say much. She also did not ask how Wei Mengjie had hurt Wei Pinyao. She walked directly toward the backyard of the manor.


In the room.

Wei Pinyao was pale. She lay on the bed listlessly.

There were two maids tending to Wei Pinyao at the moment. They retreated when they saw Feng Ruqing.

She could not guess the type of poison just by looking at Wei Pinyaos appearance. But, she could smell the lingering scent of the poison when she walked into the room.


Thats right. Its a Grade-5 spirit herb.

But, how did Wei Mengjie obtain a Grade-5 spirit herb?

Moreover, this poison

Its a poison that will cause infertility!

If a person swallows a sandaleaf by accident, that person would be unable to conceive children anymore. If that person were pregnant, the child would be dead and she would no longer be able to conceive children anymore in the future.

But, Feng Ruqing did not understand the reason behind committing such a crime. Spirit herbs are used on cultivators!

Wei Pinyao is just an ordinary person who has never cultivated!

If they really want her infertile, they could just make use of ordinary herbs. They dont have to use spirit herbs!

Ordinary herbs could not do much harm to the cultivators. The spiritual qi in their bodies would help to restrain the herbs from doing harm to them. Only spirit herbs could harm the cultivators.

"Ill never let anyone hurt her again no matter what. Ive helped heal her body with much difficulty and effort."


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