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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 706

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That kind of pain was really terrible to bear!

She was in so much pain that she wanted to beg for mercy. However, when the words reached her throat, it was stuck no matter how hard she tried. All she could do was glare at Feng Ruqing with her terrified eyes

That pain had lasted for a whole hour.

It only wore off after an hour.

Wei Mengjies body went limp and collapsed. Her whole body was soaked in sweat as her lips were pale. "I Ive told you that I dont know who he is, I didnt know that was a spirit herb too, really all I got from him was only a bottle of powder.

"He asked me to think of a way to approach you, and everything would be done by just letting you inhale the powder. However I couldnt enter the princess manor and also I want to exact revenge on Wei Pinyao anyway"

Therefore, she had made the selfish decision and used that poison on Wei Pinyao in the end!

That person had also mentioned that if she succeeded in tricking Feng Ruqing, in order to prevent her from getting killed by Feng Ruqing, he would let her enter an area and be with forces he was in connection with.

It was obvious that the person did not want Feng Ruqing to find out who he was. Therefore, if she had really obeyed him and plotted to hurt Feng Ruqing, she would be silenced by death as soon as she made it.

Therefore, she was not that foolish to really get herself in trouble with Feng Ruqing.


He had told her that the powder was colorless and odorless, which was hard to notice when viewed with the naked eyes. Also, Feng Ruqing would not find out right away as nothing would happen the moment someone breathed in the powder.

But in the end

Wei Pinyao blacked out as soon as she used it on her, which was a dead giveaway before she could run away!

Feng Ruqings face grew even colder.

The person who had gotten poisoned Wei Mengjie came to look for her?

"Then, do you know whats the purpose of this poison?" Feng Ruqing sneered as her lips twitched.

Wei Mengjie shook her head.

She really did not know.

She would not have used it to hurt Wei Pinyao if she had known it.


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