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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 705

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"Theres one thing that I need to inform you guys about." Feng Ruqing paused before she continued, "Aunt Yao shes pregnant."

Pregnant, a word that was just like a hammer to everyones heart.

It should be a joyful thing to hear, however, because of Wei Pinyaos condition, nobody was joyful as their hearts were cloaked in a haze.

"Wei Pinyao is pregnant?" Wei Mengjie screamed, "Shes only a hen that doesnt lay eggs. How can she be pregnant? Thats impossible!"

She could not believe that Wei Pinyao was really pregnant!

"Wei Mengjie!"

An angry voice suddenly rang. It was so frightening that it made Wei Mengjie tremble.

She turned her head stiffly and saw the Wei familys master, Wei Fang, walking furiously toward her. Then, he gave her a violent slap to her face.

"What have you done to Pinyao?" Wei Fang trembled in anger as his face was already distorted.

He regretted it!

Back then, he should not have kicked Wei Mengjie out.

Such a wicked heart villain should have been beaten to death!

"Wei Pinyao" The corners of Wei Mengjies lips lifted into a scornful smile, her eyes seemed wicked as she giggled in a low voice. "Its Wei Pinyao again. Why does every one of you only care about her?"

Even her father was the same!

She was his biological daughter as well, why did he treat her in such a cruel way?

"Do you still insist to be stubborn and refuse to admit your mistake now?" The anger in Wei Fangs eyes previously had turned into disappointment.

He had never made a single mistake throughout his life. The only mistake he had made was being too obedient and filial to his mother, therefore he had taken a concubine whom he did not like and had also given birth to a daughter who had ruined his reputation in his previous life!


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