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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1266

Sophia dropped a box of sliced fruits on Theo's desk and casually plopped down on the chair across from him. As she opened the box, she said with a smile, "I know this may sound dull, but hey, you're here! I want to meet new people and try new stuff. Life's all about experiencing the unfamiliar, you know."

With that, she picked up a piece of chilled watermelon with a fruit stick and handed it to Theo.

Theo had just finished a dragged-out meeting, and there were things that seemed to be getting on his nerves. He felt like his head was spinning. He took the watermelon from Sophia, popped it in his mouth, and the coldness from the fruit somewhat soothed his frustration.

Sophia also took a bite of the watermelon. She nibbled a small mouthful, blinked, and curiously asked, "Theo, you must have liked Ellinor a lot. She must have been good to you, right?"

Hearing the name of the woman that had been bothering him made Theo's eyebrows knit. He stayed silent for a moment and then retorted. "What do you mean by 'good'?"

Sophia chuckled as she munched on her watermelon. "Well, like me, for example, bringing you fruits when I'm free, or giving you a call to check on you, asking when you'll be home. Or making your favorite food and waiting for you to come home to eat together. And giving you small romantic surprises, or expressing love to you frequently."

Theo's expression turned darker as a sarcastic smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

What a joke!

She did nothing.

That woman probably didn’t even know what he liked to eat!

After seeing Theo's gloomy look, Sophia put on a face as if she'd just realized she said something wrong. "Oh... Ellinor hasn't done anything for you? I'm sorry, Theo, I didn't know you'd been giving unilaterally."


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