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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1268

"Alright, if you don't want to go to the office, then just stay in your room. Don't bother me here."

Chase pulled a dependent face that he only ever showed in front of Ellinor. "Boss, actually, I need a favor."

Ellinor eyed Chase, already having a hunch this was not going to be good news.

"What is it?"

Chase asked with a smile. "Can you talk to Belinda for me? She's been giving me the cold shoulder and is with someone else now. I'm really upset."

Upon hearing this, Ellinor immediately pushed him away. "I'm not helping. When you had her buy condoms for you, did you consider her feelings?"

Chase knew he was in the wrong and awkwardly said, "I didn't realize that I liked her then! And wasn't it you who told me to get Belinda to lose interest in me?"

Ellinor glared at him unhappily. "Are you blaming this on me? I told you to stay away from her, not to do something so embarrassing!"

Chase waved his hands. "I'm not shifting the blame; it's my fault! I regret it now, and besides, I didn't even use the condoms I had her buy. Boss, please help me! This is a big deal in my life! Can you bear to see me suffer?"

Ellinor huffed. "I'm not helping any man. You only treasure her because you can't have her. When you do have her and the novelty wears off, will you be responsible for her?"

Chase looked more determined than ever. "I can! I see other girls as potatoes or cabbages now. They're boring once I've had enough fun! Please, help me win back my Belinda, okay?"

Ellinor had never seen Chase be this persistent about any other girl and didn't doubt his sincerity at the moment. She thought for a while. "I'll consider it."

Chase laughed, knowing that when Ellinor said she'd consider, it probably meant she agreed. He hugged Ellinor's neck like a puppy. "I knew you were the best!"

Ellinor rolled her eyes at him.


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