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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1269

Belinda was taken aback. "He's not here? Then why are you here?"

Collin answered truthfully. "Mr. Blanchet asked me to stay here to protect Ellinor."

Belinda snorted. "He's such a dummy! What Ellinor needs right now isn't this kind of one-sided concern, but his company! He doesn't even get this? Whatever! I'm going to check on Ellinor!"

Ignoring Collin, Belinda took the chocolates she brought with her and went to Ellinor’s room.

Collin sighed deeply and texted Mr. Blanchet. "Mr. Blanchet, do you want to come see Ellinor tonight?"

A few minutes later, he received a reply from Mr. Blanchet. "Did she say she wanted to see me?"

Collin helplessly replied. "No, she didn’t say anything."

Mr. Blanchet's response came quicker this time, but it was quite cold. "Just keep an eye on her."

Collin sighed. "Alright."

He was really worried for Mr. Blanchet.

Just as he put away his phone, he saw Belinda coming out of Ellinor's room, holding a few pieces of chocolate out to him. "Here, these are for you."

Collin looked surprised. "For me? I don’t need it."

"These are from Ellinor. She said you've been standing at the door all day without eating or resting. She wanted me to bring you a chair and get you something to eat and drink."

Saying this, Belinda dashed to get a chair from the dining table and then quickly ran to the kitchen to bring him some bread and water.

Collin was touched. Even though Ellinor clearly didn't like him, she still cared about him. Ellinor was such a gentle person.


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