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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1288

Byran frowned. "What's going on? Ellinor's missing?"

"Can't say for sure yet. I'm gonna look around nearby. If she comes back, call me right away."

With that, Bartlett hurriedly turned around and stepped back into the elevator.

Byran was lost.

Just out of the shower, Ida, clad in a robe, came out of the bathroom. "Who was that?"

Byran filled her in.

After hearing this, Ida's brows furrowed. She went back to her room and dialed her boss's number on her phone.

However, the phone was turned off.

Something didn't feel right, so she quickly changed into some clothes from her closet.

Byran noticed Ida's anxious demeanor, so he asked, "Ida, are you going out to look for Ellinor too?"

As she was changing, Ida replied, "Yeah, you should go home."

Byran shook his head, frowning. "No, I'm going with you."

Ida didn't want to drag this troublesome guy along, but she didn't have time to fuss about it now. After changing, she called Chase while grabbing her car keys and quickly rushing out the door.

Byran put on his coat and followed her out.

The three of them drove around the streets for a long time, but there was no sign of Ellinor. Her phone was off and unreachable.

Ida, Chase, and Bartlett were all on edge; they were about to call the police.

But since she had been missing for less than 48 hours, it was useless to report this to the police.


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