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The Omega's Sweetest Revenge novel Chapter 52

CHAPTER 52: The Wrong Move





"HOW DID YOU know about that?" Lilian couldn't help but to ask him. It was as if he was so sure about what he said which really confused her. But then... she also realized that he's not an alpha for nothing. Alpha Karius is intelligent and also observant. 


He sighed. "I could feel it. I know every member of my pack. And Clarine has been acting unusual the past few days," he answered. Well, he knew everyone in his pack. He memorized every one of the wolves as part of being an Alpha. He's not that talking to each and everyone but he knew each one of them all. 


Lilian smiled bitterly. "If you already knew that she's a different person then why did you... why did you let her touch you like that?" she asked but it was already too late to take back what she said. She sounded so jealous of Clarine! She wasn't able to hold back again! Her mouth is really not cooperating sometimes.


He smirked, suddenly feeling good knowing that she sounded jealous. But then his smirk was short-lived since he could remember her image kissing another man again. It just kept on playing in his mind, he couldn't help it. He wanted to forget about it but he couldn't.


 "It was all an act. If she finds out that we already know who she is, she will be alarmed. The best thing to do is to act normal and make her think that I'm on her side," he told her honestly. Well, there's nothing wrong if he will tell her his observations now. He's been watching silently on the fake Clarine the past few days and he could tell that something is really off with her. Until he observed her simple gestures that he only watched on Gianna before. He kept on comparing the two and it turns out Gianna possessed Clarine's body and killed her.


He wanted to confront her but he needed one solid plan to confront her. He just can't do something without thinking. He won't make wrong decisions again just like before.


Despite his reason, Lilian couldn't help but to let out a deep sigh. It was all just an act but it actually pinched her heart to pieces. Seeing Alpha Karius being touched like that by another woman is not that good for her heart. What more on the next days that he needed to act? She will burst out in pain and jealousy! 


"How long are you... going to act?" She couldn't help but to ask. 


He let out a deep sigh. "I still don't know. I'm already planning how to capture her without her causing havoc to the pack. She's like a ticking time bomb that's about to explode any moment. She's that dangerous."


Lilian sighed. Yeah, she should really understand the situation and endure everything. And she has seen and felt the ruthlessness of Gianna before. But how come she became powerful like this now that she was also able to possess Clarine's body? It seems like she had gained something or... she already had that kind of power before but she only let it out now. She doesn't know anymore.


"Tss. I should be mad at you right now but here we are talking about these... things." Alpha Karius scoffed when realization hit her. He should not talk like this to her now after he had hurt her! "I'm still mad at you."


"I'm sorry..." Lilian whispered. "I won't justify what you saw but it was... real. I let him kissed me and it's truly my fault--"


"Stop. You don't have to shove it on my face anymore that you let him kiss you. I know what I saw." He cut her off from speaking as he clenched his jaw again.


Lilian looked down and sighed deeply and didn't say a word anymore, afraid that it might anger him even more.


"Let's be discreet from now on. That's the safest thing to do right now," he said once again before sighing deeply and turned around, leaving her without saying another word.


Meanwhile, Lilian was left still processing everything in her mind. So... Clarine and Gianna are only one but the real Clarine is already dead. She couldn't help but to feel sad about that. She can't believe it. She treated Clarine as her friend but... she's gone. The real Clarine has been so nice to her. 


She let out a deep sigh again. She should be really careful from now on... now that she knows who's the real enemy here. 


Gianna. That bitch won't really stop from causing trouble, huh. 



"ALPHA KARIUS, YOU'RE here!" The sound of Clarine's voice echoed in the mansion as soon as Alpha Karius entered. He stopped himself from rolling his eyes in annoyance because of her irritating voice. He prays to the goddess that he could endure this.


Clarine clung to his arm as Lilian followed behind him. She just came inside and yet she's going to witness this again! She wanted so badly to remove the fake Clarine's hand on Alpha Karius but she just sighed to calm herself.


"I've been waiting for you. Where have you been, hmm?" The fake Clarine softly asked that made Lilian roll her eyes this time.


To not see them together, Lilian went straight to the kitchen to drink cold water instead.


"Luna, why are you letting that woman touch Alpha Karius like that?" asked Mia, one of the helpers in the mansion. Mia is really talkative but she was quiet when Lilian just came here in the mansion. She's actually bubbly. She's kind of chubby and has blonde curly hair that Lilian suddenly has the urge to pinch her naturally blushing cheeks because of the cold weather.


"What do you mean?" Lilian asked innocently like she doesn't know what she means. 


Mia's eyes widened a bit. "That woman named Clarine! She's touching Alpha Karius like she's his mate! And I don't like her guts. She's acting like the real Luna here. It reminds me of Gianna-- ops! Sorry, you didn't hear that, Luna! I'm sorry!" Mia couldn't help but to worry. It wasn't new to her anymore the story of Gianna's ruthlessness to Lilian before. She knew about how Gianna accused Lilian of something that she didn't do before so she's kinda worried that it offended Lilian bringing up about her again.


Meanwhile, Lilian didn't mind what Mia said. Back on the first thing that Mia just said, of course, Lilian couldn't tell her that it was all part of their plan, to act like she's not affected by Alpha Karius' closeness to the fake Clarine. She shrugged. "Because I trust him. No matter how many women show signs that they like him, he's still mine, my mate and my forever," Lilian replied, making her almost puke at her words. She just wants Mia to shut up! That's all! But then her wolf is actually delighted with what she told her.


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