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The Omega's Sweetest Revenge novel Chapter 53

CHAPTER 53: The Job Well Done




"ARGH!" ALPHA KARIUS held his neck as his throat suddenly ached for some unknown reasons. The pain escalated from all over his body but it's bearable enough for him to still stand properly. He scratched his neck as he faced the mirror inside the bathroom. Tiny beads of sweat are cascading down the side of his forehead to his neck. It feels like he's craving for something that he can't even name. What is happening to him now?


Oh, crap. Is he in heat? 


He mindlessly shook his head at his own thoughts. He couldn't be in heat when his wolf is still calm inside him. Speaking of wolf, he can't feel him anymore. Or is he still sleeping? His wolf could be really playful sometimes. But he honestly couldn't name what's happening to him right now.


It was actually weird for him but he felt... weak. Like something heavy trapped his chest making him keep on groaning. He coughed and spit on the sink and he was shocked to see that there was blood on his saliva. His eyes widened a bit on what he saw but he calmed himself by sighing deeply.


"Fuck," he whispered as he clenched his jaw. Damn, what's happening to him?! Is he... unwell? But he's been perfectly fine the past few days! He couldn't help but to feel worried about himself since he couldn't feel his wolf inside him anymore. He tried talking to him through their mind link but he heard nothing. It's frustrating him to the core since he doesn't even know what's with him now!


"Alpha Karius?"


He straightened his back and immediately opened the faucet to wash away the blood on the sink as he also washed his face when he heard the familiar voice of Lilian. He calmed down a bit and made sure that he's composed enough before facing his mate. 


"You woke up so early again..." she whispered to him as she took closer towards his direction. She sighed. Alpha Karius is talking casually towards her now but she could still feel the gap between them after what she did... and she wanted to fix it this time. She decided that she will make everything right. She's willing to forget the revenge that she plotted in her mind before just for him now. She wanted to start a clean slate with him.


Lilian never knew that this day would come... that she would think of being back with the same man who hurted her before. But she chose to forgive him. Speaking of forgiving, she didn't know that she was already unconsciously forgiving him. How could she not even notice it? Now, she's willing to forget everything... their ugly memories and change it with new memories instead with him. How beautiful... but she needed to fix everything first.


Lilian fought the urge to hug him behind and leaned her head on his back as she stared at their reflection in the mirror. They are so close to each other but she felt like he's still so far away from him... it made her heart ache a bit but it's her fault. If she didn't kiss another man, he wouldn't take a distance away from her.


"I have my duties to do," he simply answered.


Her brows furrowed this time. Lilian knew how dedicated he is to his duties as the alpha but seeing at his restless face now, she wanted him to rest even just for a bit. "But... can't you rest even for a day? I'm sure Calyx is also doing his best to capture Gianna--" He closed the gap between them and covered her mouth with his palm, making her gasp.


"Stop. Be careful of what you're saying. She could hear you. I told you to be careful around her from now on," he said pertaining to the fake Clarine. Right. She's still in the house. Why did she even forget about that?


Lilian just slowly nodded. "Uh... there's something that I haven't told you yet," she suddenly said when he took a step back again, removing his palm on her lips.


She contemplated a bit but she suddenly thought about her case being the... chosen one of the moon goddess. Maybe she could tell him now. She already thought about this thoroughly. And if she's indeed bound to... kill Alpha Karius since he's also a half demon, she won't do that. Alpha Karius is harmless. That's what she's seeing and the truth. He will never hurt anyone around him. He's the best Alpha and always puts his pack first before him.


She won't kill him because she can't. It will kill her, too.


"What is it?" He said as he suddenly removed his shirt in front of him casually and also his sweatpants along with his boxers. She tried to look away a bit to not get tempted with his adonis-like body. Goddess. They're supposed to talk but here he is, taunting her with his body like what he's doing won't affect her at all!


"Have you heard about the... moon goddess rewarding a wolf every hundred years?" she asked, trying not to stutter as Alpha Karius suddenly opened the shower, feeling the water glided down to his body. She got wet a bit and instead of stepping back, she doesn't have the choice but to also strip off her night dress from her body casually like the way he did.


Alpha Karius on the other hand couldn't help but to gulp the moment his gaze laid on Lilian's body. She's so damn sexy that his canines are about to come out again but the pain on his chest is really something that he couldn't just shrug off. 


"Yeah. But it was all just a myth, I think," he answered instead as he closed his eyes, letting the cold water run down on his body, avoiding her. 


"What if it's real?"


He clenched his jaw. "If it's real then..." he sighed deeply, not able to complete what he's saying. If it's indeed real, the wolf who was rewarded will kill all the evil things in this world... and he's one of them. He knew about that. He already read something about it in some books before and learned it in his self studies. There will be someone that will end the evilness and darkness in this world. But then it's somehow hard for him to believe since he hasn't seen the chosen one yet.


Instead of taking so much attention to his own thoughts, he pulled Lilian closer to him and kissed her hard on her lips, making her moan. His kisses were aggressive, not letting her to breathe properly as his other hand snaked around her waist tightly. His other hand went north and squeezed her bossom hard, making her groan in protest. 



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