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The Omega's Sweetest Revenge novel Chapter 56

CHAPTER 56: The Betrayal



LILIAN'S HAND BALLED INTO fist as she saw Gianna again. She's not pretending to be someone else now. Her facade as Clarine is long gone. Gianna... like the first time Lilian saw her, was still elegant and beautiful but her aura is darker now. Evilness and darkness is now connected to her name.


"Why aren't you even happy that you see me again, huh? Or are you that surprised to not even say a word?" Gianna asked as she laughed mockingly again. Lilian wanted so badly to erase that mocking smile on her lips. It irritates the hell out of her! She could clearly remember how she accused her of being a thief and humiliated her in front of Alpha Karius' pack. 


"Why would I be even happy? You deserve to rot in hell, bitch!" Lilian shouted, not really sure if how did she even found the words to say. She's so mad just by seeing her right now! Her blood is boiling in so much anger. It angers her so much and even wonders how could she even smile like that after hurting someone before. 


"Na-uh!" Gianna shook her head as she stepped closer towards Lilian. "I've been in hell all my life, woman. Do you think that still scares me?!" She laughed again as her aura suddenly became darker. Her laugh echoes in the whole mansion, creating some cracks on the walls. It was creepy to the point that Lilian shivered just by hearing her voice. It made the hairs on her nape suddenly rise up. It actually made her wonder how she was able to achieve this oozing kind of power and strength. She could sense the evilness on it.


But what really shocked Lilian is the sudden appearance of rogues outside the mansion. Everything is already in chaos. She could hear the agony of the wolves in the whole Moon Stone pack as they fought with the rogues outside. The scream of the pups and cries of everyone broke her heart. It made Lilian want to protect them all at all cost.


Some rogues already came inside the mansion making Lilian gritted her teeth. They destroyed everything inside the mansion. Her heart started to hammer so fast against her chest as the rogues kept on going in her direction. 


"Fuck!" Lian cursed when one of them attacked her and she was left with no choice but to shift in the air as she jumped high to dodge it. Lilian groaned at that sudden attack, it almost hit her.


"Yeah! That's right! Kill her!" said the lunatic Gianna as she smirked, watching Lilian who's now starting to fight with the rogues all at once.


Lilian dodged the attacks of the rogues at first but then she also attacked them in return. She clawed at the other one who ran to her direction and almost did not see the one at her back. She ripped the head of the rogue behind her with her sharp canines as she quickly dodged the next attacks of the other rogues.


Some of the other wolves of the Moon Stone pack already came to her to help her in fighting the rogues. She recognized some of the pack warriors as she kept on fighting the rogues. It was good that the pack warriors were protecting her but Lilian didn't stop fighting. She quickly throws the rogue on the wall when someone suddenly runs towards her. The rogue made a groan as she glared at it.


'Protect the Luna!'


Lilian could hear the familiar voices of the other pack warriors as they continued fighting the rogues through their mind link. But then, the rogues seem to be stronger this time. They won't get killed in just one blow. And their numbers seem to grow even more. Gianna has something to do with it. It seems like she's the only one who has the control of the rogues here!


The whole mansion is such a mess now. The smell of blood lingers in the air as the pack warriors that's protecting Lilian are getting tired as time passes by. Yes, they are maybe trained for physical fights but they are getting weaker as time passes by because the number of the rogues are getting doubled!


Lilian's wolf gaze went to Gianna who's still standing proudly on the entrance. There's a black aura surrounding her now like she gained more power. She thought of going towards her and fighting her.


'Luna, where are you going?!' 


Lilian heard the voice of one of the pack warriors through the mind link. She didn't mind it and continued walking.


'I'll finish this as quickly as I can,' Lilian said instead as a reply through the mind link. She's not actually sure if she could even finish it quickly like what she said. Gianna is stronger now. And even though she became an omega and had trained herself with some physical fights, it can't be denied that Gianna could quickly turn her down because of the power that she got now.


Gianna saw how Lilian slowly walked towards her and fought quickly with the rogues that would get in her way. Lilian would throw them in the air swiftly as she aims to attack Gianna who's still smirking mockingly at her. The floor that Gianna would step on will immediately create a crack.


Lilian ran towards Gianna and jumped in the air to claw her but to her surprise, she was thrown in the air because of the black aura that's surrounding her! She backfired and threw it on the wall harshly. Her wolf groaned at the pain she's feeling on her back and cursed in her head. The searing pain on her back made her a bit uncomfortable to move.


'Luna!' the pack warriors muttered in worry through the mind link. They are about to go to her but then they are attacked by another bunch of rogues!


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