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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 638

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Sima You Yue blinked. Wasnt this guy sleeping? How did he know what happened when she went out today?

There are a lot of students outside now. This hasnt happened before. Who are they looking for except for you? Xu Jin said.

Sima You Yue closed her eyes and sensed for a bit. As expected, many students gathered outside.

Didnt you already deal with the problem? How can there be more matters? She had some doubts about Xu Jins efficiency.

Ive dealt with the teachers and the sect of course, or else how can you still sit here now? If not, you will probably be thrown out by Hong Fa. Xu Jin snorted. As for the students, of course you have to deal with them. I cant fix everything for you, otherwise, how would you ever gain experience? Go and deal with those guys for me.

Its their own choice that they chose to stand out there. Sima You Yue didnt go out, instead she pulled out a chair and sat down beside him. Teacher, should you tell me, how are you going to teach me as a teacher?

The alchemy room is over there. If you dont understand, just ask me. Xu Jin pointed to a row of small houses in the courtyard.

No classes?

There is no fixed classroom in the inner sect. Everyone just creates one, especially those spirit masters. Besides the dormitory, theres a cultivation pagoda. We alchemists are almost the same, we have an extra alchemy room. If you want to go refine pills in the alchemy room, you can.Xu Jin had a suit yourself look.

What kind of place is an alchemy room? Sima You Yue asked.

Like you, you can make refine pills in my small alchemy room. But if you dont have a teacher to guide you, disciples can too, you can find one in the alchemy room. However, those alchemists will go to the alchemy room if they have nothing to do and answer questions for students. Xu Jin answered.

Will you go?

I of course dont want to go. Xu Jin appeared helpless. That old guy wanted me to go at least twice a week.

Headmaster Yuan?

Its him. Xu Jin sighed, Those people are really stupid. Unlike Xiao Xiao and them, they understand easily. I have to be absolutely clear with them, which always wastes a lot of my time.

But you still explain clearly every time. Han Miao Shuang chimed in as she gnawed at spirit fruit.

If I dont teach them well, the old man will ask me to be the head of the department. I dont want to! Xu Jin said proudly, Although I go there every week, its better than being the head of the department.

Many alchemists who has masters can also practice in the alchemy room and discuss alchemy with other alchemists. Xiao Xiao said as he cleaned on the side.

Sima You Yue didnt expect that the teaching mode of the inner sect would be so open. She thought that she would be locked in the classroom every day!

Little junior brother, when will you make other food us? How about having a barbecue in the evening? Han Miao Shuang came over, smiling flatteringly.

Its past noon Sima You Yue continued, By the way, I said that I havent hailed teacher as master, so Im not your junior brother. You can just call me You Yue.

She had not hailed Xu Jin as a teacher, so she was not their junior brother. Although she had two masters, Feng Zhi Xing and the Old Man Devil, they were different. Therefore, the former couldnt be designated such. But Xu Jin was also a master in alchemy. She couldnt hail others as a Master without the consent of Old Man Devil. This was respect for Old Man Devil.

Su Xiao Xiao and Han Miao Shuang turned their heads to look at Xu Jin. Xu Jin took out a sound stone and threw it to Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue puzzledly grabbed it. There was spirit power inside.

Dear apprentice, I know you wont admit this guy Xu Jin as a teacher. But that guy didnt believe it! The voice of the Old Man Devil transmitted from the sound stone, Im glad to be a Master of a good disciple like you, but Ive often been outside and I havent taught you many things. Once your alchemy has broken through the sixth rank and entered seven rank, it will be difficult to advance. Its better to have someone around to teach you. And although this guy is a little worse than me in the past, he is also a good alchemist. So, you should consider him as the second master. Remember that he is the second master! Oh, who is that? Stop right there -

Old Man Devil shouted in the end and then no more sound came.


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