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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 640

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Towards Xu Jins appearance, Sima You Yue could not help but hold her forehead, hang her head very low, and pretend she didnt see him. However, Mao San Quan was used to his behavior. With a forced smile, he took out a small box from his interspatial ring and threw it at Sima You Yue.

This is my personal compensation.

Sima You Yue opened the box and saw a blood red spirit stone inside it. It was valuable at a glance. If she absorbed the spirit power contained in it, she calculated it wouldnt be any less effective than her closed cultivating in cultivation tower for a month.

Xu Jin glanced at the spirit stone and saw that it was pretty good. Then he smiled and said, Old Mao, you really have many good things. You Yue, since it was given to you by Director Mao, you can keep it.

Yes Sima You Yue stored everything away. She turned towards Mao San Quan and said, Thank you, Director Mao.

Practice hard, and the world will belong to you young people in the future.Mao San Quan preached.

This student will. Sima You Yue respectfully answered.

Alright, if theres nothing else, quickly disappear from my eyes. Mao San Quan urged as he waved his hand in dismissal at Xu Jin.

Director Mao, I have something to ask you. Sima You Yue started.

Mao San Quan was surprised, but he still smiled. Ask me? Go ahead, whats the matter.

Its like this. I have a little brother. He entered the inner sect a year ago. But my big brother told me theres no news of him. So, I would to find out about his whereabouts. Sima You Yue spoke.

Whats his name? Mao San Quan asked.

Little Tu.

Little Tu? Mao San Quans eyes flashed in astonishment. He is your little brother?

Hes not my blood-related little brother. He has been living with us since we rescued him from the bad guys a few years ago. We all think of him as our little brother. Sima You Yue said.

Hes not in the sect as of now. Mao San Quan said. Dont ask me where he is. I dont know. Vice president Fan is in charge of this matter.

In charge? What happened to Little Tu? Sima You Yue worriedly asked.

Dont worry. Theres probably nothing the matter with him. Mao San Quan answered.

Director Mao, what happened to Little Tu?

While he was cultivating in the blood lake I dont know the reason the spirit beasts blood in his body recovered completely, and his body cant bear the power. Mao San Quan explained.

So when he left, it was really dangerous. You dont know his situation as of now? Sima You Yue asked.

Before that, the Vice president has sent back news that his situation has stabilized, but this year no news has been sent back. Mao San Quan replied.

No news means good news. Xu Jin interjected. I met that little guy before. His body was alright. He probably wont easily succumb.

Sima ouyue was choked by his straightforward words, but her subconscious believed his words.

Alright, lets go. Lets not bother Old Mao anymore. Xu Jin got down from Mao San Quans desk and departed.


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