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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 657

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As soon as Sima You Yue heard this, she immediately became nervous and seized Bei Gong Hangs hand. She urgently asked, Whats the matter with Fenger? Where is he now?

Brother Feng is in his room. he

Bei Gong Hang stopped himself. Sima You Yue left him and ran towards Ximen Fengs room. He quickly gave chase.

Sima You Yue reached Ximen Fengs room. Before she entered, she heard sobs.

Fenger. She pushed open the half closed door and went in. She saw Yin Lan and Sang Mu Yu in the room. Their faces were gloomy. A strange man was sitting beside the bed, and Kong Xiang Yi stood by, sobbing ceaselessly.

Ximen Feng lay on bed unconscious.

When she saw his pale face, she suddenly lost her mind. Whats wrong with Fenger?

You Yue, sorry, its all my.

Whats wrong with Fenger? She shouted.

The strange man on the bed stood up. We were attacked, and Ximen Feng broke his seal. Soon after, he became like this.

When Sima You Yue heard broke his seal, her body shook. She grabbed onto the door to stabilize herself.

Hang, go to the Heavenly Sect and find Teacher Ge Lang. Please make sure he come here! she instructed Bei Gong Hang who just arrived.

Mm, okay. Bei Gong Hang said nothing more and quickly ran out.

You Yue, take a look at him. Yin Lan said.

Sima You Yue ran to his side. She took a deep breath and her left hand clenched her clothes to let herself calm down. She finally grabbed his hand and started her examination.

Did you give him a protection pill? After a while, she turned towards Kong Xiang Yi.

Mm.Ive always been worried about when Feng will break the seal. I heard Jing Wen say that protection pill can be useful to him, Ive been keeping it on me. Kong Xiang Yi said. After he killed all those people, I gave him one, followed by one every day. Today is the fourth day.

Jing Wen aside stared at Sima You Yue with interest. She could tell Ximen Feng ate a protection pill by only checking his pulse. Because after consuming a protection pill, itll only provide some protection to the heart. Normally, people cannot detect it.

He had heard her medical skills were excellent. It seemed she really was.

Sima You Yues anger subsided a bit. Protection pills were considered valuable medicine. Each piece was worth thousands of gold. Kong Xiang Yi actually prepared so many.

You Yue, what is Fengs situation? Sang Mu Yu voiced out Kong Xiang Yis question.

Once the suppressed aura was freed, it devoured Fengers body crazily. Presently his visceras being corroded. Fortunately, theres the protection pill which protected Fengers heart so his life didnt end immediately. Sima You Yue explained Ill give Fenger an acupuncture to stabilize the aura. You all go out first.

Ill stay and help you. Jing Wen suggested.

Sima You Yue glanced at Jing Wen and then Kong Xiang Yi. Those invited by her were most likely of the same origin as her. Moreover, there were some places that were inconvenient for her. It was better for her to have the help of a man.

Alright, help me take off his clothes. Mm, leave the underpants. Then rub him with this.

She handed a green medicine bottle to Jing Wen, and then she prepared her tools.

Xiang Yi, if I havent come out when Teacher Ge comes, let him wait outside for a moment. She looked at the silver needle and said without raising her head.

Yes. Kong Xiang Yi was the last one to leave and closed the door.


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