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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 676

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Sima You Yue, how are you feeling today? He Feng brandished his huge sword and walked in from outside. He walked over to Sima You Yue when he saw her standing outside her room door.

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. Didnt this guy just come over to ask her yesterday? Did this mean that he planned to ask her three times a day? Until she recovered? Then hed fight with her?

On hindsight, the pitiful gaze that Fatty Qu gave her yesterday was really fitting. That crazy person was really giving her a headache.

Crazy, I wont be able to heal within this half a year. You dont have to look for me everyday. She said helplessly.

Half a year? Thats a really long time! He Fengs face fell.

Of course. Its my soul that was hurt, you know. My consciousness was injured, so Ill need that long. Sima You Yue said. Thats also under the benefits of countless quality herbs. Otherwise, who knows how long thatd take.


Anyway, dont come look for me anytime soon. Even if you do, Ill have no way of competing with you. You might as well leave now.

She felt as if she had expressed herself clearly, but it was as if a certain someone did not hear it, and remained where he was.

Its too long. Ill be too anxious. He Feng said.

Sima You Yue shrugged, as if showing that she couldnt do anything even if he was anxious.

Yue Yue, when are we going? Little Seven walked in and saw the two standing in the courtyard.

Where are you going? He Feng startled and asked.

Our team has accepted a few missions, so were going to do them. Sima You Yue said, We still have a few things we need to do, so we wont keep you.

Where are you going to carry out your missions? When will you return? He Feng asked. When he saw Little Seven who walked over to Sima You Yue, he immediately cried out, Little Seven? What are you doing here?

Why cant I be here? Who are you? Little Seven only knew who he was when she called back.


Little Seven waved her hands and cut him off, I dont care who you are. Leave quickly. Otherwise, Ill immediately send you flying with a punch!

He Feng blushed, but he seemed terrified of Little Seven and didnt dare to say anything. He lowered his head and turned around to go.

Sima You Yue watched at the annoying He Feng would wouldnt stop buzzing around her was sent off with a single sentence by Little Seven, and asked with puzzlement, Little Seven, why does he obey you?

Little Seven didnt know either, It could be that Ive beaten him up before. I dont remember, though.

It seemed like Little Seven used to beat people up!

In actuality, Little Seven had never beaten him up before. The reason he listened to her so obediently was because he had once, with his own eyes, seen her send a person ranked second, flying with a single punch. He Feng was not a match for the second position, so he dared not offend a person like Little Seven who could defeat the second place so easily.

Yue Yue, when are we going? Little Seven beamed while holding her hand.

She was finally able to go outside! She was so happy.

Were almost done packing, but we have to look for Principal Yuan before leaving. We have to ask him whether or not we can take you with us. Sima You Yue said.

He has already agreed. Theres no need to ask him, we can just head out. Little Seven said.

He knows were going out? Sima You Yue was puzzled. It was no wonder he was a deity, how did he find out?

Its because I was in his house when you contacted me. He heard everything when you came to look for me. Little Seven said, He even gave me a charm to protect myself with.


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