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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 678

: Putting a Slave Ring on them

Mines? Who are you people? Sima You Le asked.

Who are we? Ol Wu tilted his head back in laughter, You only ask who we are when youve reached this place? Ha ha ha-

If we didnt know who you were, would we have been tricked by that lady and led here? Fatty Qu snorted coldly, Tell us. I dont kill nameless people.

Just based on you few babies? Ol Wu laughed so hard he almost let go of his long smoke poly, Ill tell you. This is the Great Mountain Gorge. We are the biggest sect in the great mountain gorge- the Brave Moon Sect. This is our mine.

There are so many people in this mine? Theres even a city?

This place is where all the people who dig the mine live in. He he, now that youre here, youd better obediently become our miners instead of living a life of suffering. Ol Wu took out a paper cigarette and rolled it, placed it in his smoke pole and took two deep breaths before laughing coldly.

Just based on people like you, and you want to kidnap us? Sima You Ran took out his spirit tool and pointed it at Ol Wu.

Ol Wu glanced at Little Seven, saying, This little brat is truly surprising, but we are the Brave Moon Sect.

He took out a whistle and blew, and a group of black clothed men appeared from within the city immediately and surrounded them.

These people arent bad. Sima You Yue said, Old man, do you have a teleportation array here?

Of course. We are the most powerful in the entire great mountain gorge. How could we not possess a teleportation array? However, even if we have a teleportation array, you guys will have no way to use it. You will have to remain here your entire lives to help us dig the mountain. Go! Put the slave rings on them.

Ol Wus voice turned icy as those people took out a silver necklace and headed towards the people in the center.

At this moment, a huge warship suddenly appeared that looked like a giant yacht in the sky.

The warship landed at the city gate and a person appeared on the deck brandishing a whip. Following which, a group of people wearing silver necklaces appeared from the deck. Every single one of them lowered their heads and shoulders, looking extremely tired.

At this moment, the city gates opened and another group of people walked in from outside. They also wore silver necklaces and everyone of them appeared apathetic, as if they couldnt see any hope of tomorrow.

As for their necklaces, it was exactly the same as the ones held in the hand by those surrounding them.

Slave Ring! Fatty Qu immediately recognised that item.

Fatty Qu, you recognise it?

Once that item is put on, as long as it isnt taken off, youll forever have the identity of a slave. Everyone will know that they are slaves by the necklace they wear. Also, most people can just kill any slave. Every power possess something like this. Once its placed on you, it can suppress your strength and it isnt easy to take it off.

Sima You Yue looked at those on and off the ship, and they really did seem to be rather strong, but they were still listening to that slave driver obediently.

When everyone who had left the city had boarded, the one on the ship cupped his fist towards Ol Wu, asking, Ol Wu, do you want to take these people over as well?

Ol Wu waved his hands at them, These guys havent been trained. You can go off first.


The new ones who had been brought over by the warship had left as well. Sima You Yues eyes narrowed as she continued to watch the ship, eyes suffused with curiosity.


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