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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Messing with a Big Shot 

On the night when Daniel Campbell was engaged with the other woman, Madelyn Green got herself beastly drunk. 

She mistook a stunningly handsome man for Daniel and hugged him in the dark corridor and kissed him crazily. 

They all felt good after the kiss. The handsome man looked down at the woman in his arms and asked in a husky, sexy voice, “Are you serious?” 

Madelyn sobered up a bit and recognized him. 

It was Benjamin Clark, one of the top lawyers in the country. He had a great fortune and was a typical elite. 

Of course, it was necessary to mention his other identity – he was Daniel’s future wife’s brother. 

Madelyn chickened out. 

But on second thought, she changed her mind. Since Daniel could cheat on her, why couldn’t she indulge herself in enjoyment? 

Madelyn didn’t struggle; instead, she hugged Benjamin tightly. 

She had a good appearance and a sexy figure. 

Benjamin wasn’t a hotheaded person who would act rashly, but now he was willing to have a one-night stand with her. 

With his arms wrapping around her slender waist and his prominent nose against hers, he pondered for a while before asking, “Would you like to go to another place?” 

Madelyn didn’t have any sexual experience, but she pretended to be experienced in this. She moved her lips to his ear and then whispered, “I’ve never had sex here.” 

Benjamin knitted his brows. 

This woman was such a slut! 

She looked pure and innocent on the surface, and he was deceived by her appearance just now. 

But as it was just to meet his sexual desire, so he didn’t care about this much. Hence, he lowered his head to kiss her again. 

Like many horny urban men and women, they were also very eager. 

As Madelyn had drunk some alcohol before, she felt spellbound under his kiss. She leaned her head against his shoulder and murmured in an extremely low voice, “Daniel...” 

The man then paused in his movements. 

Benjamin let go of her and leaned against the wall of the corridor. He lowered his head and then lit a cigarette. 

Then he gazed at her with great interest. 


Interesting! The woman before him was actually the ex-girlfriend of his younger sister’s husband-to-be. 

Madelyn was in bewilderment. She guessed that Benjamin must have investigated her before. 

Benjamin dusted off the cigarette ash and asked casually, “You should know my identity, right? What was on your mind when you kissed me? You want to disgust Daniel by sleeping with me?” 


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