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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Elegant, Self-esteemed Benjamin 

When Madelyn walked into the house, she found Camila sitting on the sofa with a dull expression. 

Her eyes were red. It seemed like she had cried a while ago. 

Madelyn looked around and asked, “Camila, what happened? Where’s Dad?” 

Camila Logan was the second wife of Madelyn’s father. 

Camila lashed out when she heard Madelyn’s question. 

“Daniel is so ungrateful and ruthless!!!” 

“Several years ago, when the Campbell Group was in crisis, you didn’t leave him. Now the situation finally got better, but he dumped you and even wanted to send your father to jail. Your father is now detained.” 

“Madelyn, I told you long ago that Daniel wasn’t the right one for you. But you didn’t listen to me.” 


Camila continuously complained about Daniel. 

Madelyn was dumbfounded. After a while, she said, “Mom, don’t be too anxious. I’ll ask Daniel about this.” 

Madelyn thought even if they separated, at least she was once his girlfriend, so Daniel wouldn’t be too ruthless to her. 

She dialed Daniel and it was gotten through soon. 

Madelyn said with an extremely humble attitude, “Daniel, we’ve broken up. I beg you not to vent your anger on my father.” 

Daniel sneered. 

He said, “Someone has to be responsible for the losses. It’s a large sum.” 

Madelyn still wanted to beg for his forgiveness. 

But Daniel changed the topic. “There is another out. But I wonder if you’re willing or not. Madelyn, as long as you can be my mistress for five years, I’ll let go of your father.” 

Madelyn was stunned. 

She hadn’t expected that Daniel would be so shameless. He wanted both his career, backer and her body! 

Madelyn trembled violently due to anger and snapped, “Daniel, you disgusted me.” 

Daniel didn’t care about it at all. He chuckled and said, “I think you’ve known who I am long ago.” 

Madelyn clenched her teeth tightly. 

She said firmly, “I won’t be your mistress. Not on your life!” 

Daniel said angrily, “Then you’d better hire a lawyer for your father. Madelyn, don’t blame me for having not reminded you in advance. For such a large sum of economic criminal, he should be sentenced to at least ten years!” 

“I’ll hire the best lawyer,” said Madelyn with a sneer. 

“Do you mean Benjamin Clark?” Daniel smiled calmly and continued, “Madelyn, did you forget that he’s the brother of my future wife? Will he represent you?” 

Madelyn felt cold from head to toe. 

Daniel said casually, “Madelyn, I’ll wait for you to beg me.” 



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