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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Many People Liked Madelyn

Madelyn was fully occupied in the days that followed.

She met Owen, who was perfectly capable. After only a few meetings with her, he got everything clear in his head.

In the spacious and bright office, Owen read Madelyn's materials carefully and smiled gently. "You are referred by Benjamin, so I'm not hiding anything from you. Put it a bit more optimistically, the sentence can be reduced to two years."

Madelyn had mixed feelings.

Owen sat idly with his arms crossed and smiled again. "Benjamin has asked for my help. But why didn't he work on this case on his own? If he deals with this case, there's a good chance he will get this overturned, and the defendant will most likely be found innocent."

Madelyn was too ashamed to talk about this, so she made up an excuse. "Maybe Mr. Clark is not available."

Owen smiled but didn't say anything.

He politely walked Madelyn to the door, which Madelyn appreciated, but she knew the courtesy she received here was all for Benjamin's fake.

Exiting the elevator, Madelyn was about to take a cab home.

"Madelyn," someone called out to her.

Madelyn turned around and saw David, sort of her acquaintance.

David and Daniel grew up together. And David started his own trading company at a young age. When Madelyn and Daniel were dating back then, she had seen David at parties a few times.

David walked up to her and casually asked, "Are you here for business?"

Madelyn was not hiding anything. "I'm here to see Owen."

David laughed. "My dad."

Madelyn was stunned.

Was... David the son of Mr. James?

David was tall and good-looking. As a cool and masculine young man, he was exactly the type of older, strong, and independent woman. He said to Madelyn, "Madelyn, how about I buy you dinner? You're my acquaintance, and I will do whatever I can to help you."

Madelyn hesitated a little bit before she agreed.

David drove the car over.

It was a red Ferrari, and it was flashy. He said in the car, "No girl has ever been in my car before. Madelyn, you are the first one."

Madelyn always felt that David was flaky!

He was overly enthusiastic!

They had only met a few times and rarely talked.

Anyway, Madelyn didn't want to offend Owen's son, so she got in the car.

After she fastened her seat belt, David asked, "What would you like to eat?"

Madelyn was not fussy, saying, "Thai food!"


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