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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 11

Chapter 11 His Ex-girlfriend and New Girlfriend

As soon as she asked, things were getting a little awkward.

Madelyn was so embarrassed.

David chuckled before Daniel was about to say something unpleasant.

He said to Eloise in a serious manner, "Madelyn is my friend. Of course, Daniel knows her! Eloise, you can rest assured that Daniel is wholeheartedly committed to you!"

When he finished, he looked at Daniel sideways with mockery in his eyes.

Daniel looked embarrassed and took Eloise to take their seats.

After they left, David greeted Madelyn, "Gredax is such a big city, and we actually run into him. Madelyn, I'll pick a place where we won't see Daniel next time, so you won't get upset."

Madelyn ordered her food and then said softly, "There's no need to avoid him. Am I supposed to avoid him for the rest of my life after I break up with him? By the way, I'm not the one who did the wrong thing."

David frowned slightly.

He said suddenly, "I'm going to use the restroom. You can eat a bit of it yourself when the food comes."

Madelyn did not suspect anything at all.

After David left his seat, she took her phone to call a couple of parents to confirm the course.

David didn't come back after ten minutes. Madelyn thought it was weird. At that very minute, a woman's scream came from the restroom... Chaos broke out in the high-end restaurant.

David and Daniel got into a fight for unknown reasons.

Madelyn saw blood on the walls and floor. Daniel was staring at David with a grim look on his face.

An hour later, two men and two women sit in the detention house. David and Daniel were found guilty of fighting over a woman.

Eloise made a call, crying in a squeaky baby voice, "Brother... Daniel got into a fight with someone, and we are now in the detention house. Brother, come now! Boohoo... Daniel was hurt pretty bad."

Madelyn's head was buzzing, and her brain got scrambled then.

What? Benjamin was coming here?

Eloise hung up.

All she could see was Daniel, and she tended to his wound in sorrow. "Ther's breaks on the corners of your mouth! David hit you too hard!"

David had a bruise on his face.

He groaned with pain and complained with an innocent face, "He hit harder, didn't he? I just laughed at him being a hen-pecked husband, and he did it to me!"

Eloise felt sweet and blamed her fiancé in a cutesy voice, "David is our friend. You made David look bad by fighting with him in front of Ms. Green. How is David supposed to woo her?"

Daniel took out a cigarette, lit it, and looked at David grimly while smoking.

He was faking!

How did he provoke Daniel in the smoking section of the restaurant?

David said before all this, "Daniel, since you broke up with Madelyn, you don't object to my pursuing her, do you?"


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