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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 100

Chapter 100 You're An Affectionate Couple

It was the first time that Daniel had seen such a scene.

His blood froze.

Daniel stared at the woman who was supposed to belong to him. She kissed the man eagerly in the kitchen. He guessed they might have had sex there if there had been no guests at home.

Although Daniel felt cold inside, he gave a bright smile and said, "You're an affectionate couple. I come to fetch some ice water."

He took two bottles of ice water from the fridge and shook them gently.

The atmosphere was subtle...

Benjamin was cheeky. What he was worried about just now was not a problem anymore.

He put Madelyn on the ground and straightened his clothes in front of Daniel. He carefully smoothed his belt and fastened his fly. Following that, he gave an apologetic smile and said, "Daniel, I'll go take a shower. Please feel at home."

After he spoke, he left Madelyn alone with Daniel confidently.

Madelyn knew Benjamin did that on purpose.

After Benjamin left, she didn't talk to Daniel and took the ingredients quietly.

Daniel gripped the fridge door.

He stooped and stared at Madelyn. They were very close.

Madelyn took a step back.

Daniel sneered and said, "Madelyn, don't be afraid of me. We'll be family and should get on well with each other. I see that he cares about you."

Following that, he banged the fridge door and went out of the kitchen.

Madelyn thought she should tell Benjamin she didn't want to see Daniel again. When she was fretting, Benjamin came back and hugged her from behind intimately.

"What have you cooked?"

Madelyn wanted to push him away.

But Benjamin insisted on holding her. Of course, he made a pass at her.

Madelyn blushed and said in a soft voice, "I made spaghetti and foie gras for them."


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