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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Just One Kiss

When they got to the apartment, Benjamin took off his suit and tossed it casually on the sofa.

Madelyn said softly, "I'll go get changed."

Benjamin gazed at her without saying a word. He turned to Eloise and Daniel and entertained them. "Take a seat."

Eloise showed Daniel around the apartment.

She touched Louis II and exclaimed, "Benjamin, you're generous! Did you airlift this piano? In addition, the apartment is different from before."

Benjamin took a bottle of wine and four goblets from the cabinet

He poured the wine into the goblets slowly and looked at Daniel with a vague smile. "It's Madelyn who did it. She has nothing to do at home, so she re-decorated the apartment."

Eloise was envious.

Benjamin treated Madelyn very well.

Daniel felt awkward.

He came here because he wanted to anger Benjamin, but he felt uneasy once he set foot in the apartment, where there were traces that Madelyn was living here, reminding him that the woman who had loved him for four years was living with another man.

Daniel picked up the goblet and drank up the wine.

Benjamin shook the goblet gently in a good mood.

At this moment, Madelyn came out after putting on a set of casual wear.

Her clothes were pale pink with soft fabric.

As Madelyn was going to cook, she tied up her hair and revealed part of her fair neck, which was seductive.

Benjamin stared at her for a long while and said like a host, "Don't exhaust yourself. Don't listen to Eloise. She has been on a diet and will only take a bite or two no matter how many dishes you make."

Eloise had been feeling apologetic with Madelyn because of the kidnap.

She said flatteringly, "Madelyn, I swear I'll eat up whatever you make."

Madelyn gave a faint smile and went to the kitchen.

Benjamin put down his goblet and followed her.


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