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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 104

Chapter 104 When She Sees Benjamin with Someone Else

They stepped out of the concert hall.

A tinge of regret still lingered in Madelyn's heart...

Florence grabbed her hand and said, "Ms. Green, I'm starving."

Madelyn knew a nice Zistin restaurant that was just across the street, so she took Florence there.

Florence was only 14 years old and seldom had such an opportunity to eat in a fancy restaurant, so she was particularly thrilled.

As they entered the restaurant, to their surprise, they bumped into Madelyn's bedfellow who claimed he had to work overtime tonight.

It was Benjamin!

He was having dinner with a sophisticated and elegant woman. Madelyn had seen this woman before. Benjamin had dined with her at the restaurant where Madelyn played the piano.

Their relationship...

Madelyn couldn't stop thinking about it!

Benjamin had told her he would be working late tonight, and now she knew what the work was about.

On the table, there were several neatly arranged document files put aside.

At that moment, Benjamin held a glass of brandy with a charming smile and looked like he was having a good time.

The woman was also smiling.

She said in a gentle and seductive voice, "Ben, I'm looking forward to our next collaboration."

Benjamin subtly furrowed his brow.

The woman was the widow of a wealthy businessman in Gartown who had suddenly passed away, leaving behind tens of billions of inheritance. Benjamin had helped her win the estate case... Their relationship was far from being so close that she could address him by his first name.

Just as Benjamin was about to speak, he caught sight of Madelyn.

Madelyn was sitting next to Owen's little daughter, Florence.

Had Madelyn gone to the concert with Florence?

Seeing him lost in thought, the woman prodded him again, "Ben?"

Benjamin nodded politely and said, "Just a moment, please."

He got up and walked over to Madelyn's table, taking a seat beside her. He asked in a low voice, "Why are you here?"

Madelyn flipped through the menu and replied, "I didn't feel like having fried chicken today. I want to try something different."

That sounded jealous!


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