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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Benjamin, I Want Her 

Benjamin glanced at David and thought of Madelyn and Florence who were in the restaurant. Suddenly everything became clear. 

David still had feelings for Madelyn! 

He lowered his head and lit a cigarette, asking, "Here to pick up Florence?" 

David chuckled. 

He had seen it all! 

David approached Benjamin and asked for a lighter. After taking a puff, he smiled and said, "I was actually going to take Madelyn home, but since Benjamin, you're here, I guess I'm not needed anymore! By the way...were you on a date with that famous widow from Gartown? Did Madelyn catch you two together?" 

Benjamin furrowed his brow and refuted, "What are you talking about?" 

Though he was only a few years younger than him, David knew his place, so he only dared to tease Benjamin like this. 

David glanced at the restaurant. 

He fell silent and just quietly smoked his cigarette... 

After finishing the cigarette, he spoke, "I'm serious, Benjamin! If you don't genuinely love Madelyn, then let me take care of her." 

Benjamin's fingers holding the cigarette trembled. 

The city's neon lights were shining and cast flickering shadows on his face. With an unusually determined tone, he said, "I want her!" 

His Adam's apple bobbed twice. 

He didn't look at Benjamin again and walked directly into the restaurant... 

Benjamin stood there, finished his cigarette, and sneered. 

That David! 

Well! He had some nerve! 

When Benjamin reentered the restaurant again, David was already seated beside Florence. He remained silent and just watched Florence talking with Madelyn. 

Benjamin could see affection in his eyes. 

As a man, Benjamin felt uncomfortable seeing other men desiring Madelyn, even if he and Madelyn were just friends with benefits. 

Benjamin sat down beside Madelyn. 

As soon as he sat down, his warm breath, infused with aftershave and tobacco, brushed against Madelyn's ear. The scent smelt good. 

"What else would you like to eat?" Benjamin asked gently. 

With David present, he said that on purpose. 

Madelyn wasn't naive; she could see through his intentions. David had helped her before, and she considered him a friend. She didn't want to embarrass David in front of others or cause a scene. 

Dabbing her mouth with a napkin, she gently caressed Florence's head. 

"I have to go now, but I'll see you the day after tomorrow!" 

Florence, unaware of what was going on among these adults, replied sweetly, "Ms. Green, please come early! I'll practice the piano really hard." 

Madelyn expressed her gratitude to David once again. 

He seemed nonchalant as he responded, "No need to be so formal. As long as Florence has fun." 

He also touched Florence's head. 

David could still feel the lingering warmth from Madelyn's fingertips, and with a slight squint, he was savoring the sensation... 

Benjamin glanced at him, then grabbed his coat and stood up to take the bill by himself. 

Madelyn didn't fight over paying the bill to show him respect. 

As they sat in the car, Benjamin rested his hands on the steering wheel, turned to her, and casually asked, "Why did you go to the concert with Florence? What's there to talk about with a child?" 

Madelyn knew what he was implying. He just didn’t want her to get too close to David. 

Benjamin had helped her a lot, and she felt indebted to him. But if the price of being by his side meant hurting her friend's feelings, Madelyn was unwilling to do that! 

She said in a low but determined voice, "Benjamin, if you can go out to dinner with a female client, then I can have a meal with my student. Besides, David is Florence's brother!" 

For the first time, Benjamin saw her get angry. 

He was momentarily taken aback. 

Madelyn also felt uneasy. 

Since being with Benjamin, he had treated her so well that she forgot the true nature of their relationship. 


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