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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Are They Giving Each Other Silent Treatment?

Benjamin sensed that she was angry.

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "He is just someone insignificant. Why are you mad at me because of him?"

It was late, so Madelyn didn't want to continue arguing with him.

Softening her attitude, she gently wrapped her arms around his waist and said, "I believe in you." Then she closed her eyes, and her breathing became steady...

Benjamin found himself unable to fall asleep.

Under the moonlight, he looked at her delicate face and ground his teeth.

Madelyn was sound asleep!

After their argued, she seemed unwilling to communicate with him or resolve the issues...

Benjamin wasn't so good-tempered either.

If she was giving him the cold shoulder, he saw no reason to appease her.


In the morning...

He woke up to an empty bed, and Madelyn had already got up.

From outside, he could hear the sounds of her making breakfast and doing household chores.

Benjamin lay on his back, reflecting on what happened last night. Something felt off in their relationship.

They shouldn't have been arguing.

Once Benjamin realized this, he stopped dwelling on it. He got up, freshened up, and changed into his formal attire.

He was dressed in a light gray shirt and black trousers.

He also wore a sleek business overcoat.

As he put the watch on his wrist, he walked out of the bedroom. Madelyn was setting the table.

The morning light was shining on her, which made her look exceptionally gentle. However, Benjamin had seen Madelyn's temper last night. Even a little rabbit could bite when threatened.

Benjamin took a seat and sipped his coffee as he read the morning news.

Madelyn had prepared egg salad sandwiches as breakfast.

Benjamin took a bite and found it tastier than those sold in the coffee shops. He stared at it for a moment.

Madelyn sat beside him, noticing he was looking at the sandwich, and gently asked, "Is there anything wrong?"

Benjamin looked at her.

After a moment, he replied with a smile, "It's delicious!"

Madelyn remained silent and drank her milk slowly...

Benjamin noticed her mind wandering off once again.

He didn't say a word, simply grabbed his coat, and headed out. Madelyn went to the entrance corridor to fetch his shoes for him. Her eager attentiveness could have delighted any other man.

But Benjamin didn't see it that way. The more tender and caring she was, the more distant they became.

She was treating him like a sugar daddy now!

Benjamin couldn't quite tell if it was a good thing or not, but he wasn't particularly happy about that.

He stared at her and asked a little coldly.

"In two days, I'm going on a business trip to Esrand. Will you join me?"

Madelyn was surprised.

She thought about it and then responded, "Florence has two classes this week, and it might be difficult to rearrange the schedule."

Benjamin didn't push and just left the apartment.

Madelyn looked at the closed door and wondered if they were giving each other silent treatment.

Their conflicts could be resolved. They hadn't engaged in fights or quarrels. It was simply that ever since she saw him with that beautiful client, Madelyn couldn't treat him as she had done before.

At least, she couldn't sleep with him anymore.

She was a human being, not a machine without feelings.

After Benjamin was gone, Madelyn cleaned the apartment thoroughly.

Around noon, the pawnshop called her.

Madelyn hurriedly answered the phone and asked, "Hello, are there any updates?"

The manager apologized, "Ms. Green, I'm sorry. Your necklace was purchased by an intermediary, but unfortunately, he didn't leave any contact information. We tried our best but couldn't track him down."

Madelyn was a bit disappointed.

After a while, she responded, "If there's any news, please inform me. I'm willing to pay twice the price to get it back."

The manager offered a few words of consolation before hanging up.


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