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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Madelyn Was Good at Manipulating Others

Madelyn closed the car door.

Her eyes were red, and she stared at Elizabeth in anger.

Elizabeth's eyes fell on the red sports car, and she said in a mocking tone with jealousy, "Madelyn, do you despise me? In fact, we both live off men. Do you think you're better than me?"

Madelyn sneered.

Madelyn asked, "So you think you're not at fault for messing with others' happiness? Don't you feel guilty at all?"

Elizabeth gave a brittle laugh.

She said to Madelyn, "Let's go into the cafe! Madelyn, I've been meaning to talk to you after our class reunion."

Madelyn didn't have anything to say to people like Elizabeth.

But Madelyn still went into the cafe for Vivian's sake.

At Coffee Roasterie.

Madelyn did not speak first because she was afraid she could not help pouring her cup of coffee over Elizabeth's head.

But Elizabeth seemed to have a lot to say.

Elizabeth took a sip of coffee and smiled confidently, "Don't think I hooked up with Jackson recently. I've been with him since I was in college!"

Madelyn was surprised and also angry.

Elizabeth gently stirred her coffee with a spoon and raised her eyebrows. "You don't believe me? Madelyn, do you remember Jackson came to the Christmas party with Vivian? He was so handsome and generous. It was stupid of Vivian to introduce him to everyone in our dorm! And then that night... I had sex with Jackson! He was so happy afterward that he gave me an iPhone!"

"Then he and I became friends with benefit. I slept with Jackson when Vivian was having her period, and he was so generous with me that he paid almost all of my college tuition."

Madelyn's blood almost froze.

She couldn't believe what she heard.

After a long time, she gritted her teeth. "Didn't you have a crush on Daniel back then? How did you end up hooking up with Jackson?"

Elizabeth laughed so hard her body trembled.

"Madelyn, you're so naive!"

"Is there a conflict between me loving Daniel and me having sex with Jackson? Besides, I managed to chase Daniel... Madelyn, do you want to know the story of Daniel and me?"

The look in Elizabeth's eyes was surprisingly seductive and provocative.

Madelyn thought, " Elizabeth is cheap and shameless, and that's why she could get what she wanted."

Madelyn's voice was cold. "No!"

Elizabeth froze. She did not expect Madelyn to be interested in this story.

As Elizabeth froze, Madelyn got up and prepared to take her leave.

Elizabeth was panic-stricken and reached for Madelyn in a surprisingly strong grip.

Madelyn frowned lightly.

Elizabeth stopped pretending and showed her true colors. She gritted her teeth aggressively.

"You said you didn't want to know! But in fact, you are a merciless person. You once said you loved Daniel to death and tried everything you could to be his girlfriend. In the end... Madelyn, you're already over him, but I stupidly gloated over having had sex with him a couple of times! Madelyn, you say you like Daniel, but were you moved when Daniel fought for you and went to the police twice, and got so drunk for you? Did you ever feel sorry for him since he's been reduced to this? I'm telling you, my heart's bleeding for him."

Elizabeth said so much, but Madelyn remained unmoved.

A wintry smile broke on Madelyn's lips. "No. Elizabeth, you're just acting bitchy!"

Elizabeth sat down in dismay...

Madelyn put a 20-dollar bill on the coffee table and then left without saying anything.

Madelyn got into her car.

She held the phone for a while and didn't know what to tell Vivian.

Madelyn felt that it would be bad to tell Vivian the whole story, and even worse to hide it from her.

Therefore, Madelyn decided to wait for Vivian to come back from Gartown, meet her in person, and remind her euphemistically.

But Vivian made a call to Madelyn that night.

"Madelyn, can you get over here?"

Madelyn sat up from the bed and hurriedly asked, "What happened?"

Vivian just kept on crying and was slurring her words.

Madelyn was well enlightened on the situation, pulled away the covers, and got up while saying, "Don't do anything stupid. I'll be right over!"

Vivian was crying terribly at the end of the phone.

Madelyn arrived at the villa where Vivian and her husband were staying. And all three of them were there.


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