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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Benjamin, I Won't Badger You

Madelyn hadn't seen Benjamin for a few days.

At this moment, she was being held in his arms, and her heart could not help but melt.

She reached out and gently touched his forehead, and found he was still burning up.

Madelyn gently bit her lip.

How did he take care of himself these days?

Madelyn stroked his handsome face and mouthed, "I'll go get the thermometer."

Benjamin held her hand tightly to keep her from leaving. He quickly ended the call, pinned Madelyn down on the couch, and kissed her...

Madelyn turned her face away.

Her voice trembled. "Don't do this... You are burning up."

Benjamin pressed his face against her neck. He got so close to her that he could see the vellus hair on her neck, and it was cute.

He said in a feeble voice, "What does it matter? I will probably get better faster."

Madelyn did not want to let him kiss her.

She turned to look at him, ran her long, pale fingers over his wonderful strong features, and said softly, "You're sick. Just listen to me, okay?"

Benjamin looked at her with downcast eyes.

After a long time, he sat up. "Make some soup for me. I have to go to the office later."

Madelyn nodded.

She went to the kitchen and made soup with the pressure cooker. She put artichokes in it. Then she brought the medical kit over and took Benjamin's temperature.

He was still running a low-grade fever. It was 102 degrees.

Madelyn poured a glass of water and fetched him a fever-reducing pill.

Benjamin, who usually didn't take medicine, looked at Madelyn with dark eyes. "Feed me!"

He was sick, and Madelyn did as he told and put the medicine to his lips.

Benjamin gently licked the pill into his mouth with the tip of his tongue as he was staring at Madelyn. Her fingers felt wet.

Madelyn blushed.

She coaxed him to drink another half cup of warm water. When he felt better, she went to the kitchen to cook the artichoke soup. When she brought the soup to the dining room, she saw Benjamin sitting on the couch and smoking.

He was still sick and coughed after just a few puffs of a cigarette.

Madelyn went over, took the cigarette from his hand, and gently put it out.

Benjamin didn't get mad at her, but leaned back on the couch and lifted his chin, gesturing for Madelyn to feed him the soup.

Madelyn still humored him.

She wondered what kind of person would be able to be his wife who could put up with his fussy nature. But no matter what, she could not say no to Benjamin now.

When Madelyn fed him the soup, he started to get a bit handsy with her.

Madelyn just put up with it until she finished feeding him a bowl of soup. Before she could put the bowl away, he pulled her into his lap.

"Benjamin ... You're sick."

Madelyn tried to push him away.

Benjamin was kissing her, holding her chin with one hand, and touching her private parts with the other...

He whispered to her ear in a husky voice, "Don't move. Just feel it!"


Half an hour later, Madelyn changed her clothes in the dressing room.

She felt her heart melt as she thought about what had just happened.

For the first time, Benjamin considered her feelings and made her feel sexually comfortable and amazing, instead of only focusing on his own physical pleasure.

"Madelyn, did you get changed?"

Benjamin's hoarse voice rang out from outside, and Madelyn didn't dare to think about it further, and hurriedly got herself fixed up.

Inside the elevator.

She couldn't help but whisper, "You need to rest! Can't you put your work off until tomorrow?"

Benjamin looked at her. "I have a meeting to run."

Madelyn didn't try to persuade him. If she tried it anymore, she would overstep the bounds, which would annoy him and also upset herself.


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