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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Angry and Anxious Benjamin

David had picked out a pretty nice Zistin restaurant for this dinner with Madelyn.

It was exactly 8 o'clock when she arrived.

David was already waiting for her in the parking lot. As soon as she stopped the car, he gallantly opened the door for her.

"It's not easy to make you accept a dinner invitation." He said.

Madelyn got out of the car and held onto the door, smiling. "I was teaching Florence piano at your house two days ago. Mr. James treated me to dinner, but you weren't there!"

David stared at her intently and spoke slowly, "Madelyn, you know what I want, it's not about that."

Madelyn hesitated for a moment and then decided to tell the truth.

She said: "David, you know my situation. We're not a good match."

David stilled to stare at her.

The atmosphere suddenly turned tense. This was the first time Madelyn felt a pure kind of male aggressiveness radiating from David. Even though he did nothing, she felt a tremendous amount of pressure.

But David suddenly laughed lightly.

He lowered his head and murmured like a lover, "It's just a meal, Madelyn. If you feel too much pressure, I won't dare to ask you out again."

He comforted her, "Well, this meal is to celebrate your successful career."

David was a bright and likable guy, and Madelyn couldn't help but smile.

She closed the car door and walked into the restaurant side by side with him.

David had booked a table, but unfortunately, Benjamin happened to be there too.

He was dining with a well-mannered woman in her fifties - someone who was clearly an elder that he knew well.

David also recognized her and greeted them briefly.

Benjamin looked up, first at David, and then slowly turned his gaze towards Madelyn.

Madelyn felt embarrassed when he noticed her presence.

With an air of unwarranted familiarity, Benjamin wiped his lips with a napkin and leisurely remarked, "Now that Ms. Green lives alone, without any restraints, it must be quite easy for her to have a boyfriend."

David raised his eyebrows.

"What a sour comment!" He thought.

He held on Benjamin's chairback with a smile and replied, "Benjamin also lives alone, so it must be quite convenient for him as well!"

Benjamin narrowed his eyes.

But David kept his sweet demeanor.

The unpleasant atmosphere was even noticed by the elder dining with them. She whispered, "Ben, who is this young lady?"

Benjamin was still angry with Madelyn and naturally couldn't reveal that she was his girlfriend.

He gave a faint smile and was about to shrug it off.

But David took advantage of the moment and blinked his eyes sweetly. "Mrs. Walker, this is my friend Madelyn Green, what do you think of her?"

As a housewife, Mrs. Walker was unlikely to know the truth, so she smiled and said, "Pretty good!"

Then she turned to Benjamin and mentioned, "Last time your mother told me that you had a girlfriend born in the Year of the Rabbit. The fortune teller was right! Bring her over one day and I'll treat her to a meal."

Benjamin: ...

David: ...

Thankfully, they restrained themselves in front of their elders and didn't start fighting in the restaurant. David respected Madelyn and didn't want to embarrass her.

After a while, Benjamin left, leaving Madelyn feeling much more relaxed.

Throughout the meal, she had felt uneasy, as though Benjamin was always scrutinizing her.

"You still like him!" David's voice rang in her ear.

Madelyn was stunned by his statement.

David's narrow beautiful eyes were just inches away, alluring and charming.

His voice was also hoarse and sexy, "Last time I told you to give me a try and you'll see a different Benjamin Clark. Look, he almost beat me up in a fancy restaurant just now!"

Madelyn lowered her eyes.

Their relationship was almost over, so it was futile to talk about it any further.

David, being the graceful and tactful person that he was, smiled and said nothing more.

Madelyn felt completely at ease in David's company, cherishing him as a close friend.

He always stood up when she needed him.

After dinner, David suggested taking a stroll to help with digestion and possibly catching a good movie on the way.

However, Madelyn felt that his proposal was a bit too ambiguous, and so turned down the offer.

Under the glare of the streetlights, David courteously opened the car door for her and couldn't help but chuckle, "Ms. Green, you are so guarded!"


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