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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Cleared the Nest for Them 

Madelyn kicked Benjamin angrily, making him wince in pain. 

She then grabbed her suitcase and tried to walk away, but Benjamin's long legs caught up with her just as she was about to open the door. 

"Are you really leaving?" Benjamin asked, looking at her with a deep gaze. 

Madelyn looked down, her voice soft. "Let me go!" 

Lowering his head, Benjamin leaned in toward her, his tone becoming softer. "The Clarks' mansion has sent food over. Let's have a meal together." 

But Madelyn knew this was his trick. 

Benjamin always used tenderness to win over women, and it always worked. 

Madelyn had once fallen for his "gentle love" again and again, only to find out later that he was playing around and she was the only one taking it seriously. 

A self-deprecating smile emerged. 

"I don't want to eat and there's no need!" she said in a firm tone. 

Benjamin frowned slightly, but he didn't let go of her hand. 

Suddenly, their conflict was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. 

Madelyn knew who was at the door – who else but Eleanor Bennett? 

She sneered, "Benjamin Clark, there are plenty of people who want to have a meal with you, there's no need to latch on to me!" 

Benjamin's face twisted in disgust, and he finally released her hand. 

Madelyn took a deep breath and opened the door. 

As expected, Eleanor was standing outside with a gift. 

She noticed Madelyn's suitcase and her eyes slanted innocently, like a fox. 

"Ms. Green, I came to apologize," Eleanor said, her voice laced with guilt. 

"It's my fault that you and Ben had a fight. I'm so sorry! " 

"Did I... affect your relationship?" 


Madelyn couldn't help but feel disgusted. 

She swiftly grabbed her suitcase and marched towards the elevator, all while Benjamin called out "Madelyn!" in a displeased manner from behind. 

They did have a fight last night. 

But today he purposely didn't go to the office and waited for her instead. 

He already explained himself and conceded, so why was she being so stubborn? 

Madelyn paused, her eyes wet. 

She finally realized that she had fallen in love with Benjamin during their time together, but he only saw her as some form of amusement. 

She refused to live with him, cooking and acting like a devoted wife waiting for him to come home.If she continue to live with him, cook for him and act like a devoted wife waiting for him to come home, that would be too cheap of her. 

That would be too cheap of her! 

Madelyn turned around but didn't look at Benjamin. 

Instead, she spoke to Eleanor with a cold tone, "Congratulations, Ms. Bennett. Whether it's Morning Dew, the white dress, or even Benjamin Clark himself, they're all yours. Enjoy it!" 

The elevator doors opened. 

Madelyn stepped in and threw out another remark. 

"I've already cleared the nest for you two!" 


Benjamin kept staring at the closed elevator doors, his face looking gloomy. 

Eleanor stepped forward. 

She spoke softly, "Did you two have a fight?" 

Benjamin's tone was not friendly in response, "What are you here for?" 

But despite his unfriendliness, Eleanor held up the gift box in her hand and said, "I came to apologize to Ms. Green!" 

"No need!" 

Benjamin lowered his head to light a cigarette. He took a slow puff and said, "As I said last night, don't come to me anymore. If you can't figure out something, talk to your confidante or go to see a psychologist." 

Eleanor's face turned pale. 

She appeared pitiful enough to make any man feel sorry for her. 

"Ben, do you really want to let an unrelated woman ruin our relationship? We have built it up since childhood!" she pleaded. 

"I don't believe you care about her." 


Benjamin's expression grew even colder. 

He said, "Eleanor, it's fine for a woman to put on an act sometimes, but if you try too hard, it just seems too pretentious!" 

As he thought about Madelyn, his heart softened. They were both straightforward people. 


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