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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 139

Chapter 139 I Miss You

Madelyn paused.

She lowered her eyes and smiled. "Benjamin, we belong to different worlds. My life has nothing to do with you."

If he thought she regretted it, he was wrong.

Madelyn went back to the private room. The atmosphere was warm, but Jonathan glanced at her meaningfully.

Someone started to ask Madelyn to drink again.

Penelope offered to drink with him.

The man had a high social status and said arrogantly, "Ms. Waylon, everyone drinks when talking business. There is no difference between men and women at the table. Ms. Green looks delicate, but she drank boldly like a man just now."

He handed Madelyn a goblet of red wine.

"Ms. Green, if you drink this glass of wine, I'll consider investing in your company."

Penelope wanted to say something.

But Madelyn pressed her hand quietly.

She gave a faint smile. "Mr. Kingston, I'm flattered. Of course, I'll drink the wine."

She took the goblet of wine.

When she was about to drink the wine, a big hand took her goblet quietly. Someone said casually, "I'll drink the wine for Ms. Green."

After he spoke, Benjamin gave a faint smile. "I wonder if I have the qualification."

A dead silence fell upon everyone in the private room.

No one had expected Benjamin to come and go against Mr. Kingston openly.

He came to Madelyn's rescue. It was a good show.

Jonathan held a cigarette between his fingers and gave a meaningful smile. "Benjamin, don't go too far."

Benjamin turned to Madelyn and put his arms around her shoulders gently, ignoring her stiffness and rejection.

He gave a faint smile and said, "I come to pick up Ms. Green. When I saw her throw up in the bathroom, my heart was broken."

As he spoke, he put down the goblet.

"Mr. Kingston, what shall we do?"

Mr. Kingston was usually arrogant, but he lost his voice now. No one came to his rescue.

Benjamin looked sulky.

Who dared to offend him at this moment?

There was a long silence.

Madelyn picked up the goblet of wine quietly and drank it up in one gulp.

Following that, she smiled at Mr. Kingston and said, "Mr. Kingston, let's be friends."

Mr. Kingston was taken aback.

His eyes soon turned red. He had offended Benjamin just now, but Madelyn helped him out surprisingly.

He quickly got to his feet and poured himself a goblet of red wine.

He drank three goblets of wine in a row.

Following that, he said to Penelope, "Ms. Green is reliable. I'll make the investment."

Penelope was delighted, but she was worried about Madelyn.

Evidently, Madelyn didn't respect Benjamin. Mr. Kingston drank three goblets of wine, and she followed suit. When she got drunk, she thought perhaps she didn't want to face Benjamin when she was sober.

Madelyn covered her eyes and sat in the car.

She felt a great pang in her heart.

What did Benjamin want? Why did he show up in front of her?

In her daze, she felt someone come to her side.

It was Benjamin.

Madelyn tilted her head and asked in a soft voice, "Why did Penelope bring me to your car? Benjamin, can you stop showing up? The sight of you upsets me."

The wine made her bold enough to speak her mind.

"Your deep affection reminds me of your disgusting face when you hugged Eleanor. Really..."

Madelyn closed her eyes quietly.

She had no strength to escape, and she couldn't escape...

Benjamin gazed at her pale face and felt a pain in his heart, but he endured it.

She didn't listen to him and drank with Mr. Kingston.

He also endured it.

Benjamin lifted the hair that covered her forehead and muttered softly, "Madelyn, I didn't do anything with her. Give me one more chance. Didn't we have a good time together?"

Madelyn covered her eyes and laughed.


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