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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Let's Hurt Each Other 

Benjamin gazed at Madelyn. 

She was drunk. There was undisguised pain in her eyes. 

His heart trembled. 

Did her love for him pain her so much? 

Benjamin rubbed her lips gently and said in a tender voice, "Let's make up and stay together like before." 

Madelyn lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering. 

"Benjamin, I don't want you." 

 Benjamin clenched his fists and then clenched even more tightly. 

He suddenly unfastened her seatbelt and carried her out of the car. 

The night wind blew at her face. 

Madelyn sobered up and found he parked the car outside his apartment building. 

"Benjamin, I want to go home." 

She started to struggle and wriggle in his arms, kicking her slender and fair legs blindly and not caring if she would hurt him. 

Benjamin let out a muffled grunt. She seemed to have turned him on. 

He couldn't wait, so he pressed her against the wall in front of the elevator. 

His body pressed tightly against hers, and there was not a small gap between the two of them. Although Madelyn was drunk, she didn't dare to move, knowing the man could easily be aroused at this moment. 

She said with red eyes, "Benjamin, are you going to use force on me?" 

Benjamin didn't know what to do with her. He had never met such a stubborn girl. 

He thought of giving up on her these days. 

However, he had tasted her tenderness. 

He wanted to give up, but he couldn't. 

"How can I do that?" He rubbed his prominent nose gently against hers and clung tightly to her, seducing her skillfully. 

He had made love to her many times and knew how to turn her on. 

Madelyn felt shy and angry. 

She turned away her face. "Mr. Clark, please respect me." 

Benjamin looked at her side face, which was fair and pink. Her eyes were bright and misty. 

He hadn't seen her for several days. Only now did he realize how much he missed her. 

Benjamin had been decent and cautious. He wouldn't make out with a woman at the elevator entrance and give someone a chance to gossip about him. 

But now he couldn't control himself. 

He wanted to kiss her… 

Madelyn's chin was gripped, and her body was trapped in his arms. Benjamin kissed her so eagerly that she could hardly breathe… 

Madelyn struggled hard. 

She didn't want this at all. 

Madelyn struggled desperately. She tried to break away from him. Her slender fingers touched something hard on the wall. It was a painting. 

Without hesitation, Madelyn pulled it down and knocked Benjamin's head with it. 

The painting was not heavy, but the frame had a sharp metal edge, which scraped his forehead. 

Blood trickled down… 

Benjamin ignored the wound on his forehead and pressed Madelyn with deep eyes. 

There was still desire in his eyes. 

Madelyn sobered up with fright. 

The painting fell from her hand to the ground. Afraid that he would get revenge, she muttered, "I didn't mean to do it." 

Benjamin didn't say a word. 

Madelyn bit her lower lip and said, "I'll take you to the hospital." 

"No, I'll bandage it at home." 

"Benjamin, go to the hospital." 


Benjamin looked at her with brooding eyes. 

He rubbed her delicate face with his fingers. "Madelyn, are you afraid to go inside with me? Are you afraid that you will be upset by what you see? Or do you fear I'll do something to you?" 

"Don't worry. I can't do anything in my current condition." 

Madelyn hesitated. 

Benjamin released her and looked calm. 

"The minimum sentence of intentional assault is one year in jail." 

Madelyn was exasperated. 

What a despicable man! 

Benjamin wiped his blood quietly and gave a mischievous smile. "Or you can tell the judge that you hurt me because I made a pass at you and wanted to have sex with you." 


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