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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 142

Chapter 142 My Good Mother

Madelyn was taken aback.

Penelope smiled and said, "It's indeed his relative."

Madelyn asked a few questions.

The receptionist stuttered.

"Well... It's a pretty girl. Her mother brought her here."

Madelyn hung up the phone and looked at Penelope.

Penelope said with interest, "Do you think the girl is Benjamin's illegitimate child? Perhaps he had her when he was in his twenties. He sent her here to show off because you wanted to break up with him."

Madelyn gave a wry smile.

She said, "He won't do that." After she spoke, she paused.

When did she start to know Benjamin so well?


Madelyn said, "I'll go and take a look."

Madelyn went to the small reception room, followed by Penelope, who was eager to watch the fun.

When Madelyn pushed open the door, she was startled.

A mother had brought her daughter here, but it was different from what she expected. The dignified Brianna and Eloise were sitting on the sofa.

Madelyn was speechless.

She sat across from them calmly and said, "Mrs. Clark, why do you come?"

Brianna looked worried.

She had made painstaking efforts for her son, but he didn't deserve her efforts. He had offended Madelyn and broken up with her. As a result, her son asked her to come out and help him.

Brianna said in a soft voice, "I learned from Benjamin that you founded a studio. I've been thinking of coming here to take a look. It's a nice place!"

She pulled Eloise over and said, "Eloise doesn't have a music bone, so I brought her here to learn piano from you."

Eloise protested, "Mom!"

She said inwardly, "I passed Grade 8 of ABRSM at the age of ten!"

Brianna ignored her and looked at Madelyn gently. "Benjamin recommended the studio to her, but I decided to bring her here. Maddie, will you stop seeing me because of Benjamin?"

Madelyn didn't know what to do.

She exchanged a glance with Penelope.

Penelope was watching the fun without intending to help her out.

Madelyn had to deal with them alone. She said politely, "Mrs. Clark, but we only teach children under the age of sixteen."

Eloise said earnestly, "I'm also a child."

She held Madelyn's arm and said cheekily, "Madelyn, please treat me like a five-year-old. I'm not older than that."

Madelyn again was at her wit's end.

Penelope patted her shoulder and went out.

She could hardly stifle her laughter. If she stayed there, she would burst out laughing.

Madelyn watched Penelope leave and looked back at Brianna and Eloise, feeling helpless.

She said with difficulty, "I broke up with Benjamin."

Brianna blinked quietly.

"I brought Eloise to learn piano."

"Yeah, I come to learn piano."


Madelyn felt helpless. The mother and daughter managed to wheedle her into teaching Eloise piano.

After Brianna paid the tuition fee, she asked the driver to bring many expensive tonics. She said softly, "I know Benjamin has a hot temper. You must have had a difficult time with him."

Madelyn hesitated for a while and decided to tell them the truth.

She said, "In fact, my relationship with him is not what you think. We... We..."

Eloise blinked quietly.

As a young girl, she understood Madelyn.

She quickly interrupted Madelyn, "I know. You haven't come to the stage of getting married."

Eloise glanced at Madelyn and wondered if she was an idiot. How could she tell the elders that she was Benjamin's sex partner? Her mother would be shocked even if she was open-minded.

Madelyn was startled.

Eloise said to her sweetly, "You're mine today, no matter what. I want to have a big dinner with you."

Brianna didn't stop her daughter from bothering Madelyn.

She said with a smile, "Madelyn, please take good care of Eloise."

Madelyn was speechless.


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