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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Are You Jealous

Even with an elder present, Benjamin spoke without reservations.

Madelyn was furious!

She gracefully stood up and nodded at Brianna. "Mrs. Roberts, I have something to attend to, so I'll take my leave."

Brianna wore a sorrowful expression.

Why was her son behaving this way in his love life?

Girls are meant to be placated, not confronted. He was never seen behave so rudely before!

Brianna spoke softly, "Ben, why don't you walk Maddie out!"

Madelyn gave a faint smile. "I can drive myself."

Benjamin didn't insist.

He placed his cup down with a touch of reserve. "By the way, there will be a brief meeting at the office tomorrow regarding your father's case."

"Will your father be attending, or...?"

Of course, Madelyn wouldn't let her father attend; she was afraid it would upset him. So, even though she knew Benjamin had ulterior motives, she could only attend by herself.

That's exactly what Benjamin wanted.

He remained composed. "I'll be waiting for you at the office."

Madelyn hurriedly left.

Once she was gone, Brianna complained, "Ben, this isn't right! Who pursues a girl by inviting her to the office?"

Benjamin smiled lightly.

He naturally wouldn't tell his mother about the setbacks he encountered with Madelyn.

He stood up gallantly. "Let me escort you home."

Her son was handsome and naturally exuded an elegant temperament. Who knew how many girls secretly loved him!

Brianna felt both proud and sorrowful.

"Ben, with your excellence, how come you're still single?"

Eloise scoffed, "Blame it on himself!"



The next day, at two o'clock in the afternoon, Madelyn arrived at Benjamin's office.

She was personally received by Paisley, his secretary.

"Mr. Clark is still in an international video conference, Ms. Green, please wait for a moment."

She escorted Madelyn into Benjamin's private meeting room and brewed coffee herself before leaving to attend to her own tasks.

As Madelyn sipped her coffee, she admired the decorations in the room.

Benjamin had a preference for post-modern art, and the meeting room was tastefully decorated. Suddenly, Madelyn's gaze fell upon a vintage bronze artwork.

It was placed upside down.

She felt curious and reached out to pick it up.

However, when she turned it over, she immediately regretted it. It was actually a photo frame containing a photo that Madelyn had seen before-

24-year-old Benjamin and 22-year-old Eleanor.

Madelyn silently looked at it for a few seconds and then put it back in its original position.

A voice came from outside the door.

"It was left there during the renovation, and I always forgot to throw it away."

Madelyn turned around.

Benjamin stood by the door of the meeting room, dressed in a classic black and white suit, looking mature and handsome.

He walked over, picked up the photo frame, and looked at Madelyn, his voice gentle.

"Are you upset seeing this?"

Madelyn evaded the topic, saying, "Mr. Clark, I'm here for my father..."

"I know, no need to emphasize," Benjamin interrupted.

He threw the photo frame into the dustbin and sat down on the sofa, flipping open a case file. "Ms. Green, let's get started!"

Madelyn was a bit confused.

He had said there was a meeting last night, so why was it just the two of them now?

Benjamin looked intently at her.

"Do you doubt my professional abilities?" he asked.

Madelyn didn't dare to.

She mustered up her courage and listened to him as he used professional terms and analyzed the case...

She tried her best, but as he went on, she really felt sleepy.


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