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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Do You Love Me

Afraid of his continued entanglement, Madelyn drove home.

She suddenly arrived home, surprising and delighting Samuel and Camila.

Camila pulled her inside with a smile and said, "Your dad was just thinking about you, and here you are! You and your dad truly have a telepathic connection!"

Madelyn put down the fruits and approached Samuel.

Father and daughter chatted for a while.

Suddenly, Camila's voice came from the kitchen, "Madelyn, come help me out."

Madelyn smiled and agreed.

But as soon as she entered the kitchen, Camila closed the door behind her.

"What's going on, Camila?" Madelyn found her strange.

Camila pulled her to the window and pointed downstairs. "Isn't that Mr. Clark's car? It's been parked there for a while! What's going on with you two? Did you have a fight or break up?"

Madelyn didn't expect Benjamin to chase her here.

She casually washed the strawberries.

"It's over between us!"

At that moment, Benjamin got out of the car, holding a gift box in his hand, seemingly about to go upstairs.

Camila whispered, "He seems quite fond of you! Madelyn, should you reconsider?"

Madelyn shook her head.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Camila stifled a laugh, "Looks like someone's at the door."

Madelyn felt annoyed.

If he had come to her door in the past, she would have been happy for days. But now that they have ended their absurd relationship, what does it matter if he comes like this?

She hurriedly spoke before Camila: "I'll go talk to him."

Madelyn went to open the door.

Standing outside was a refined Benjamin, holding imported fruits and gazing deeply at Madelyn.

Madelyn partially closed the door and spoke in a low voice.

"Mr. Clark, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see your family!"

Madelyn bit her lip lightly. "It's done between us, you don't need to do this."

At that moment...

Samuel's voice came from inside the house. "Maddie... who is it? Why are you whispering outside instead of inviting the visitor in?"

Madelyn casually said, "It's an insurance salesman!"

Samuel murmured in response, clearly believing her.

Madelyn pushed Benjamin lightly. "You should leave now."

But Benjamin not only refused to leave, he also shouted towards the inside, "Mr. Green, I am Madelyn's boyfriend."

Madelyn became furious.

"Benjamin, have you no shame?"

"I haven't! Madelyn... are you going to introduce me as your boyfriend or tell your dad that we're just 'friends' in a physical sense?"

Madelyn's face turned red.

Benjamin freed up one hand and gently pinched her cheek.

He said, "If you don't let me in, I'll find a way to stay at your home and sleep over."

How could Madelyn let that happen?

But Samuel had already come over, opened the door, and saw a handsome young man tugging at his precious daughter.

Samuel: "..."

In an instant, Benjamin returned to his elite demeanor.

He spoke gracefully, "Hello, Mr. Green! My name is Benjamin, I am your proxy lawyer and also Madelyn's boyfriend."

So it's Mr. Clark...

Samuel immediately developed a good impression on him!

He looked at Madelyn and asked, "Why is Mr. Clark standing outside?"

He apologized with a smile, "My daughter lacks manners, I hope Mr. Clark doesn't mind."

"Madelyn is doing fine!"

"She sometimes throws tantrums in a coquettish way, and I find her quite adorable."


Madelyn followed behind, listening to him say these words, feeling that he was shameless.

As Benjamin entered the Green's house, he felt like he had returned to his own home.

He was a person with great tact, easily winning others' favor. He kept addressing Mr. Green and praising Camila's delicious cooking, making the elderly couple very happy, almost willing to package Madelyn and give her to him.

Samuel was in high spirits.

He took out a chessboard, "Mr. Clark, let's play chess?"


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