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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Did You Ever Miss Me

Madelyn looked over.

Vivian wanted to crawl into a hole.

How could she have known that Benjamin would suddenly appear? He had never shown much interest in Jackson.

Out of guilt, Vivian had arranged for Madelyn to be far away from Benjamin, keeping her distance.

But Benjamin couldn't resist playing his tricks -

Just as Madelyn took off her coat and sat down, Benjamin walked over, chin raised.

The people around Madelyn quickly moved aside.

Benjamin boldly sat down next to Madelyn.

Their previous relationship was known by almost everyone present, so they all fell silent.

Benjamin seemed quite at ease.

He leaned back on the couch and casually asked Madelyn, "How have you been lately?"

Madelyn kept her gaze fixed on the LCD screen and tried to speak to him in a relaxed tone. She didn't want to appear petty, as it would make him think she couldn't let go.

"Not bad!"

Benjamin gave a faint smile.

He said, "Not bad is good enough! It's wise for us to separate."

Madelyn didn't respond.

Seeing Benjamin again still stirred up feelings in her.

She didn't want to say too much to him; his gaze was too intense, and she was afraid he might discover something...

Later, the people in the room started playing around.

Benjamin joined them, while Madelyn sat there playing with her phone. She faintly heard them playing Truth or Dare, and a girl boldly confessed her feelings to Benjamin.

Of course, she was rejected.

Madelyn felt bored. Especially sitting next to Benjamin, she felt even more uncomfortable.

Just as she was about to go to the restroom, a phone rang in the private room. It was Jackson's phone.

It was Elizabeth.

She kept calling until Jackson answered.

In this situation, Vivian couldn't have an outburst.

Knowing that Vivian still wanted to continue the marriage, Madelyn let out a sigh and asked her to accompany her to the restroom.

The two of them stood side by side at the sink.

After thinking it over, Madelyn asked softly, "Have they been having an affair?"

Vivian's eyes were red.

She took out a feminine cigarette from her purse and tremblingly lit it.

Taking a deep puff, she looked at Madelyn.

"Jackson is a scumbag."

"He bought a flat and has been supporting Elizabeth. I checked the bills, and he spends two to three million on that bitch every month."


Madelyn didn't know what to say.

Vivian laughed indifferently.

"I've come to an understanding with Jackson!"

"I don't care about him, and we actually get along fine. He's more generous with me... Madelyn, don't be like me. You deserve someone who loves you properly."

Madelyn patted her shoulder lightly. "No matter what, if you need me, I'll be there for you."


Vivian smiled and bumped her shoulder with her fist.

At that moment, Jackson approached holding his phone, looking uneasy.

Vivian smiled coldly. "Jackson, on the anniversary of our marriage, you're going to spend time with her? Is she that precious to you? You probably haven't seen her seducing Daniel."

Jackson stared at Vivian intently.

Vivian was beautiful, but too demanding.

After two years of marriage, she still refused to have children for fear of ruining her figure.

Elizabeth was different; she was willing to have children for him...

Elizabeth said she was pregnant and craved sour foods.

She must be pregnant with a boy!

Now, no matter who or what the circumstances are, nothing can stop him from going to accompany her.

Jackson didn't dare tell the truth and made up an excuse, "I have some business to attend to. I'll be back soon."

Vivian naturally didn't believe such an excuse.

But she couldn't keep him, not even on their anniversary. Vivian was utterly desperate.

She watched her husband leave.

Finally, she asked, "Jackson, are you really going?"

Jackson felt guilty and barely managed to say, "Yeah."

Vivian suddenly smiled and gently flicked her long hair. "Fine! Go then!"

Jackson hurriedly rushed into the elevator, in a state of panic.

Once he left, Vivian's lips started to tremble, and her whole body couldn't stop shaking.


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