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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Do You Still Care About Our Relationship

As Benjamin had predicted, Jackson wanted a son, but he also cared about his reputation.

He went to comfort Elizabeth and returned to the private room about an hour later.

"Where's Vivian?"

The private room was quiet, and everyone present was on Vivian's side. Jackson had crossed the line this time.

He could even have an extramarital affair with a woman like Elizabeth!

Seeing that everyone's expressions were off, Jackson forced himself to ask again, "Did Vivian leave?"

Benjamin responded casually, "She left with Grayson."

Everyone knew about Grayson's pursuit of Vivian. Now, Vivian was upset and alone with Grayson. It was easy to guess what would happen!

Jackson's face turned pale and he looked furious.

He started dialing Vivian's phone frantically.

Vivian's phone was turned off.

He cursed bitterly and then began dialing Grayson's phone. It connected.

However, the sounds of a man and a woman came from the other end of the line...

It was very ambiguous.

Just by listening to it, one could tell how intense it was!

Jackson clenched his fists. "Grayson, let Vivian answer the phone!"

Grayson, gasping for breath and sounding particularly cheerful, handed the phone to Vivian. "It's Jackson's call."

Vivian's voice was faint. "Jackson, what's wrong?"


People in the private room were quiet...

Jackson smashed his phone!

He ran out like a madman, wanting to kill Grayson.

Madelyn wanted to follow Jackson, but she was stopped by Benjamin. His tone was indifferent as he said, "With Grayson there, what are you in a hurry for? Besides, things have reached this point, it's already certain that they will break up. Isn't this what you wanted?"

In the end, Madelyn listened to his words and didn't catch up.

Perhaps Benjamin was right. Vivian and Jackson had reached the end of their relationship, and a little drama wouldn't hurt.

She didn't stay long, grabbed her coat, and walked out of the private room.

This time, Benjamin didn't stop her. Instead, he followed her. He intercepted Madelyn in the parking lot.

Madelyn was already sitting in her car.

Benjamin lightly tapped on the car window.

She rolled down the window and asked politely, "Mr. Clark, what do you want?"

Benjamin looked at her intently.

His voice was hoarse, "Ms. Green, if you have some time, would you like to have a drink with me?"

Madelyn kept her gaze forward.

After a moment, she turned her head slightly and smiled, "No, thanks! Mr. Clark, good night."

She finished speaking and raised the car window.

Right in front of Benjamin, she slowly drove away...

Benjamin didn't insist. He didn't really want to spend the night with Madelyn. This chance encounter just made him realize that he still had feelings for her and wanted to hold her.

This feeling was just like when he first met her.

His excitement and enthusiasm hadn't diminished one bit.

Earlier in the private room, he asked Madelyn if she ever thought of him at night, but Madelyn didn't answer.

He knew she must have thought of him because he also longed for her, to the point of physical pain...


Madelyn drove home.

As soon as she parked the car, her first thing was to call Vivian, and this time Vivian's phone was on.

Vivian seemed indifferent.

Somehow, Jackson found the hotel and got into a fight with Grayson, even threatening to kill him.

But the Wyatt family wasn't to be trifled with, and Jackson couldn't do anything!

Vivian was in a good mood. "Madelyn, I can never forget Jackson's expression... Haha... It was so thrilling, truly sensational!"

As she spoke, though, she gritted her teeth.

"That cheating scumbag, who doesn't know how to cheat? I have plenty of pursuers around me."


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