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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Madelyn, I Don't Want Anyone Else But You!

Nicolas didn't like Benjamin.

He was only 28 years old, yet he was constantly with a group of old men and had become so shrewd and slick that it was annoying to hear him talk!

But he still had to listen to his father's words.

He was dismissive, lazily gesturing, "Mr. Clark, please."

Tyler didn't look happy.

Benjamin was quite magnanimous, "Nicolas is still young and needs to experience more! For example, if he doesn't have too much capital, he will know how difficult life can be and will understand the importance of working hard."

Tyler was moved by what he said.

So Tyler decided, "Nicolas, Benjamin is right. It's time for you to face some hardships."

Nicolas, "..."

His beautiful eyes, like peach blossoms, stared at Benjamin, grinding his delicate white teeth.

"Thank you, Benjamin!"

Benjamin gave a slight smile and said, "You're welcome!"

Hi there, little wolf pup, you look young!

In the car on the way back to the hotel.

Neither the little wolf pup nor Benjamin spoke to each other, obviously not getting along.

Only when they got out of the car, Nicolas held the door open and warmly said, "Benjamin, have fun!"

Who was Benjamin?

He could tell from these words.

He was trying to set me up!

Trying to ruin my reputation!

He stood in his formal attire, smoking a cigarette under the dim lights.

He took a slow drag and smiled lightly, "I will!"

Nicolas smirked slightly.

When he got into the car, he sent a message out, "Take good care of Mr. Clark."


Benjamin stood outside the hotel, slowly finishing a cigarette.

Then he dialed 110 and reported that his room had been illegally entered.

The police arrived quickly.

Upon arrival, they saw such a handsome and elegant man and became even more polite, "Mr. Clark."

Benjamin extinguished his cigarette, smiled, and made a gesture.

A few officers followed him upstairs.

The hotel receptionist was frightened by the commotion and immediately wanted to call the front desk.

Benjamin approached her and unplugged her phone line.

He looked at her with his deep eyes, and just one glance made the young girl weak in the knees.

The group went upstairs.

The officers had a recording device with them. When they used the key card to open the room door, they were met with a big surprise.

A second-line female star was lying on Benjamin's hotel bed, dressed in revealing clothing. She had thought the opening of the door was Benjamin returning, so she became even more wild...

But it turned out to be a few police officers!

"Ah..." The woman screamed!

Benjamin told the officers, "I'm going to charge her with breaking and entering, causing damage to my reputation, and I also suspect her of being a commercial spy! And I'm going to sue this hotel too!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the hotel manager came over and kept apologizing.

The female star put on the clothes she had taken off one by one and cried while apologizing.

In the end, they settled privately, and Benjamin received 2 million yuan in compensation for mental damages. He then changed to a presidential suite because he didn't want to sleep on the bed where the woman had been.

He came from a wealthy family and wasn't the kind of man who would flock to female stars!

Who knows if she had kissed an old man before coming?

Benjamin liked someone like Madelyn, pure and clean, someone who could be placed at home to admire. He wanted her even when she was sleeping, and even her blushing face made him want to tease her.

Thinking of this, he missed her a lot...

After taking a shower, Benjamin lay in bed and called Madelyn.

It was late at night.

The phone rang several times before she answered, obviously asleep.


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