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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Benjamin, I Can't Lose Again!

Madelyn was quite moved.

After graduating, Penelope had been a great help to her and was a mentor in her life.

Watching her leave, Madelyn felt a hint of unease in her heart.

She thought for a moment and went to the front desk.

"Can you check Ms. Waylon's attendance record recently?"

The receptionist smiled and agreed.

In less than five minutes, it was discovered that Penelope had taken three days off in the past half month.

This only increased Madelyn's suspicion.

But if Penelope didn't say anything, Madelyn didn't want to pry into her privacy. She just took on more responsibilities at work...

She was busy until she finished work.

Benjamin called her.

Madelyn knew what he wanted. She held her phone and softly said, "Okay."

She got in the car and headed to Benjamin's apartment.

Madelyn wore a crimson wool skirt with a thin white coat over it.

It was obvious that she had put a lot of thought into her outfit.

She felt a little embarrassed, wondering how different it was from just giving herself to him to play with.

She couldn't imagine what might happen next, so she stepped on the gas pedal!

When she arrived at Benjamin's apartment, she thought he would be impatient and eager to do certain things with her. But she didn't expect him to be genuinely busy.

His luggage was in the living room, but Benjamin was in the study.

He was holding his phone and seemed to be discussing a new case. He looked at Madelyn with deep eyes, but spoke to the person on the other end with a harsh tone, not showing any mercy.

Madelyn felt a bit fragmented seeing him like this.

This man was so different from the one who shamelessly flirted with her over the phone last night.

She didn't know what to do.

Benjamin covered the phone and whispered to her, "Mom bought some groceries. Can you make something simple? I haven't had lunch yet."

She silently walked to the kitchen.

Benjamin watched her back, his gaze deepening.

Madelyn hadn't been here in a few days, but when she opened the fridge, she found that the food inside had already been switched.

She cooked rice and stir-fried several dishes that Benjamin liked.

As she did this, her mind was no longer the same as before. Madelyn silently wondered: I wonder when Benjamin will get tired of me? Then he'll go out and find new excitement.

Suddenly, someone hugged her from behind. Benjamin lightly nibbled on her neck and spoke tenderly, "Do you blame me for taking advantage of you?"

Madelyn didn't struggle. She came here to satisfy him and make him happy.

She just softly asked back, "If I do, will you let me go?"

Benjamin smiled faintly and didn't answer that question. Instead, he teased her by whispering in her ear, "Did you like what I sent you last night? Do you want to hear the live version?"

Madelyn bit her lip lightly. She had never seen a man who could flirt like this!

She ignored him and brought the food to the dining room.

Benjamin wasn't upset. He watched her busy figure and suddenly felt fulfilled.

It seemed that only with Madelyn in this apartment could it be complete.

He ate his meal properly, but after that, he was a little less proper. He went to the counter and poured two glasses of red wine.

Madelyn looked up at him.

Benjamin smiled lazily, "What, do you want to come straight to the point?"

Madelyn didn't want to deal with those romantic gestures. Benjamin was too good at captivating people's hearts. She was afraid that she couldn't hold up. So she pretended to be very relaxed, hooked his neck, and kissed his chin.

"You want this, don't you?"

Benjamin didn't want to act too fast, but he was a man with normal needs. He couldn't resist this temptation.

His gaze deepened, and he still had some desire for those romantic gestures.

Madelyn smiled lightly as she tilted the red wine in her hand, pouring it all over his dark trousers.

The deep red liquid dyed them even more, making them look like a mess.


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