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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 161

Chapter 161 It Was Really A Gentle Night!

After Madelyn finished speaking, she still cried.

She had liked him before, maybe she still did now.

Even though the person in front of her had many flaws, even though he had a bad temper and was introverted, and especially loved doing that kind of thing, Madelyn knew in her heart.

She liked him!

But no matter how much she liked him, she could only guard her own heart.

She didn't want to become a mess!

Benjamin gently wiped the corner of her eye with his warm fingertips, but the gentler he was, the harder Madelyn cried... In the end, she couldn't stop herself.

He simply hugged her and lit a cigarette for himself.

Benjamin leaned against the sofa, slowly smoking, looking dashing and attractive.

Any woman would want to pounce on him.

Madelyn didn't speak, she just clung to him, silently shedding tears.

Her tears stained his shirt, hot and uncomfortable, but Benjamin let her be with her little temper...

He smoked more than half a cigarette before asking softly.

"Shall we try again?"

"This time we'll take it slow, if you don't want to do this kind of thing, we won't do it, I just want you to feel comfortable!"


Madelyn didn't say anything.

And Benjamin also knew what kind of person he was in her heart!

He was actually really busy, he didn't have many women before Madelyn appeared, so naturally he wouldn't act so urgently.

But when a woman he likes is always around at home.

If he didn't do it, wasn't he an idiot?

He probably guessed Madelyn's thoughts. He had seen her dating Bryson, going to art exhibitions and enjoying fireworks together... things that Benjamin didn't value.

"Only a wimp would play these games!" he thought.

However, he was immensely relieved that Madelyn had been dating Bryson for 10 days.

If it had been David instead, things might have been different!

He understood her thoughts and knew exactly how to please her.

"Tomorrow...shall we go to a concert?"

Madelyn didn't want to!

She didn't want to go out with him.

Benjamin knew best how to deal with her, lit another cigarette, took a deep puff, and sprayed softly towards her, "If you don't want to date, we can go to a hotel?"

Madelyn was angry.

She got up to leave, but Benjamin pulled her back gently and said, "I'll take you! Wait for my call tomorrow, I'll have Paisley make the reservations."

This time, Madelyn didn't say anything.

She gave in somewhat...

Benjamin was tired, and he hadn't succeeded yet, but pursuing a woman requires a time cost.

He drove her back to her apartment.

When he made it clear that he's chasing after a woman, he was so considerate.

The next day when Madelyn woke up, her white BMW was already parked downstairs.

Benjamin's driver didn't wake her up but stood by the car, which made Madelyn quite embarrassed.

She took the car key and thanked him.

The driver was good at talking, "Mr. Clark instructed me not to wake Ms. Green."

Madelyn nodded and thanked him again.

She got into the car and received a call from Camila.

Camila said on the phone that Benjamin had gone to visit someone early in the morning and brought a lot of precious supplements.

Camila couldn't figure out their current relationship.

So, she asked Madelyn.

Madelyn lightly stroked the steering wheel and whispered, "You should accept them!"

Camila was somewhat happy. She really liked Benjamin and hoped he could have a result with Madelyn.

She hung up the phone...

Madelyn looked at her phone, struggling inside.

For her, Benjamin was like a candy-coated poison. She knew there was poison inside, but the outside was too sweet and she couldn't resist it.

In the end, she sent a WhatsApp message saying, "Thank you, Mr. Clark."


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